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SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston is a preferred vendor for homes across the Ohio Valley.

Cities Across the US are Going Green

Across the country families are reducing their carbon footprint by Going Green. Did you know that every 4 seconds another homeowner flips the switch to solar and takes control of their families future energy needs. Click the link below to be connected to a local SuperGreen Solutions Service Provider.

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As your neighborhood-owned renewable energy experts,  SuperGreen Solutions is devoted to delivering outstanding solar systems with a team of highly experienced design and installation professionals. Crafted to endure for years to come, our superior technology comes at competitive prices by bypassing extra costs of the middlemen and selling to you directly. Furthermore, we are proud to provide a 25-year warranty on every product.

Solar will provide 54% of new US generating capacity in 2023, with 29.1 GW added, EIA forecasts

Solar projects that were delayed in 2022 are expected to come online this year, giving the industry a record-breaking capacity boost.

Developers aim to add 29.1 GW of solar generating capacity to the U.S. grid in 2023, accounting for 54% of planned new capacity for the year, the U.S. Energy Information Administration announced Monday.

EIA said 54.5 GW of total capacity is expected to come online this year, with solar ahead of the other sources. Battery storage has the second highest amount of capacity expected to come online this year at 9.4 GW, or 17% of the total, while 6 GW of wind capacity is expected.

“U.S. utility-scale solar capacity has been rising rapidly since 2010,” the agency said. “Despite its upward trend over the past decade, additions of utility-scale solar capacity declined by 23% in 2022 compared with 2021.”

Now, some delayed 2022 projects are expected to begin operating in 2023. 

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That’s why SuperGreen becomes your partner in sustainable green living. We provide everything you need, including access to a comprehensive selection of green energy and air solutions, guidance to the right solutions, and ongoing support for your continued success.

Save Your Money

Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home by installing solar panels as a great option.

Home Is Energy

Everyday the sun provides us with abundance of free energy by placing solar panels on your roof.

Consult & Planning

Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients critical remote locations.

SuperGreen Solutions is your local, trusted partner for all your sustainability needs.

We offer products, services, and solutions across the entire energy value chain. No matter where you are on your journey towards a more sustainable future, we are here to support you in energizing your community with affordable energy systems.

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