SuperGreen Solutions Referral App

When you choose SuperGreen Solutions you choose quality services, professional installations, and responsibly sourced products that are designed to help protect and preserve the environment.  Our customers have developed an intense devotion to the advantages of solar energy over the years. We want to treat each one like family, giving them a bespoke solar plan, a smooth setup process, and an opportunity to gain substantial savings.

We are dedicated to every step of the installation, from paperwork to connecting to the grid, done with speed and respect. Our aim is not just to provide electricity for homes, but to create relationships. When you join forces with us, we will put in the effort to completely comprehend your home energy necessities and to answer all of your queries and apprehensions.
Sign-Up Today and Start Earning $$$ Today!

If you’re not already a SuperGreen Solutions customer, don’t worry. Our Referral Program is available for everyone – customers, employees, and advocates alike. To join, simply sign up here. Once you’ve logged into your Palmetto account, select Referrals to get started and quickly broaden your influence and income.

In just five minutes and with a simple home address, SGS can help you get paid by promoting their clean energy solutions! By mapping solar offset potential, recommending a system size, and predicting long-term savings, your friends can easily find out if solar energy is the best choice for their home.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change and the environment. Your referrals enable homeowners to reduce their environmental impact and benefit financially from the transition to clean energy. Let’s make the world a greener place!

1. Download the SuperGreen Solutions Referral App on Google Play and Apple Store.

2. Start referring family, friends, co-workers, or business contacts to go solar with SuperGreen.

3. Track your referrals progress in our user friendly app.

4. Unlimited EARNING potential!

How It Works:

Download the SuperGreen Solutions Referral App and create your account

Download the SuperGreen Solutions Referral App from the App store or Google play store. Create your account. Select your nearest location. Enter contact info and agree to the terms. You’re all set!

Start sending referrals!

Select “Solar”, then add your referrals, then hit Submit!

Follow the progress of your referrals and your rewards

Once your referral goes solar, you can track your referrals progress, then get paid! Make sure that you have notifications enabled for the app, so that you’re alerted when you receive rewards.

Still, Have Questions?

Here are a few questions we’ve heard before:

Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, ANYONE!

Unlimited! We will pay you $1,000 for EVERY referral that goes solar with SuperGreen Solutions. If 100 of your referrals get solar installed, that’s $100,000 in your pocket! What are you waiting for? Work remote. Earn extra income. A fast track towards financial freedom.

As an Advocator, you can track all of your referrals in the SuperGreen Solutions app. Once your referral goes solar, you will see $1,000 appear in your app dashboard. Select from multiple payout options such as bank deposit or a Visa gift card! It will take approx. 3 weeks to be deposited into your bank account once your referral goes solar.