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SuperGreen Solutions offers affordable financing options that can include select home improvements, LED Lighting, and much more.

LED Lighting

Creating the perfect ambiance for any residential space is simple with the SuperGreen Solution selection of energy-efficient lighting options. Brighten up your living room, bring a captivating mood to the dining area, and generate a tranquil environment in the bedroom – whatever your desired look is, SuperGreen Solutions has you covered.

The SuperGreen Solutions Advantage

Having a well-designed lighting system is the initial and most critical factor of achieving a balanced, harmonious home interior. Even with a brilliant design, a room can look lifeless and suffocating without the right illumination for domestic spaces. An appropriate mixture of ambient, task, and accent lighting makes the room more comfortable – making visitors stay longer and making tasks simpler.
Lighting plays an essential role in certain areas. Having a vivid, clear kitchen lighting provides a pleasant and secure spot for cooking and entertaining. Furthermore, adjustable lighting alternatives in bathrooms keep them tidy and comfortable.
SuperGreen Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of residential lighting options that comprise of bulbs, fixtures, and luminaires. This makes it easy to establish a functional and visually appealing residential lighting design for home.
On top of that, their energy-efficient LED lights means you don’t have to pay a large energy bill for your illuminated house.

Beautiful Home Lighting Design

In 1879, Thomas Edison revolutionized the world with the first-ever incandescent light bulb that shone brightly for 13.5 hours. Unfortunately, 131 years later, we are paying the price for Edison’s innovation – with our wallets and the environment. Despite their nostalgic charm, these bulbs are horribly inefficient; a mere 20 percent of energy is used to produce light, with the rest wasted as heat. Incandescent bulbs usually don’t last longer than 5,000 hours or one year – and the cost for our planet is huge.
In comparison to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are highly energy-efficient, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly in the long run. Not only do they boast an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours (roughly 10 years) – 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs – but their high initial cost is soon recovered due to less money spent on replacements, reduced maintenance costs, and minimized landfill waste.
The most crucial benefit of LED light bulbs is their impressive efficiency; they are able to transform 80 percent of their energy into light, and the rest is released as heat. In other words, LED bulbs utilize less energy and convert a larger portion of that energy into light. This could potentially enable us to decrease our total energy usage, whether for a single house or an entire building.
LEDs have become deeply ingrained in our everyday lives; from illuminating the numbers of digital clocks to controlling our remote controls and adorning our Christmas trees to helping regulate the traffic on the roads, they are everywhere.  Ask a SuperGreens LED Lighting Expert to help you consider the possibilities today.  
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