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Solar energy is converted into electricity through two main means. The first, photovoltaics (PV), is the most widely recognized. This is seen on the rooftops or fields in the form of solar panels. When sunlight hits these panels, the photons penetrate and generate an electric field between layers, allowing for electricity to flow.

Concentrating solar power (CSP) is the second form, used mainly in large-scale power plants. Mirrors focus and reflect the sun’s rays onto receivers which capture and transform the heat energy into electricity. CSP is not typically utilized for residential purposes.

Every year, the price of solar energy becomes more and more attractive. Whether you are exploring the idea of adding solar panels to your roof or some other means of utilizing the sun’s energy, there is not a universal answer.

By utilizing the everlasting energy from the sun, we can achieve a completely self-sustaining electrical supply and put an end to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Solar energy, the radiation of light and heat from the sun, can be successfully tapped into and utilized as a reliable source of electricity.

Estimating the cost of installing solar panels for your home requires consideration of multiple factors such as your residence’s location, expected energy consumption, the amount of sunlight available, and other components as specified in this guide.
If you’re still debating the value of investing in solar panels, you must evaluate your possible savings, the increased value it will bring to your home, as well as the various incentives available that make solar energy more affordable.

The amount of savings from solar power will depend on several factors, including your energy usage, the size of the system, whether you choose to buy or lease it, the direction your roof is facing and the amount of sunlight it gets, your local electricity rates and the utility’s compensation for the surplus energy you generate. Checking the National Utility Rate Database can help you to ascertain the current electricity rates in your area.

The cost of making a major decision is something that homeowners are familiar with, and investing in solar energy is no different. However, the growing number of people taking the leap is increasing due to financial incentives that are available at a local, state, and federal level.

The federal government has approved a solar tax credit (ITC) of up to 30%, which covers the entire cost of the system, including installation and equipment. Homeowners may also benefit from additional state-based incentives, as well as local credits and incentives, which vary depending on where you live.

For more information about potential solar incentives that you may qualify for, Request A Quote today.  

If you own an electric vehicle, such as a Tesla, or any one of the new electric vehicles, you might have noticed your electricity bill climbing from the home charging of your car. Solar panels are an ideal way to provide renewable energy for your household and EV needs.

The energy production from solar panels is highly reliant on weather, with rain, snow, hail, or clouds influencing its efficacy. Optimal performance will be on a clear, sunny day, but the panels still function even during periods of overcast. Though the amount of energy generated may not be as strong in the morning and afternoon, photons will still be converted into electric current even if it is cloudy. Rain and clouds do not impede the sun’s rays entirely, but production may not be as potent.

Having an energy storage system, usually in the form of batteries, installed with your solar system is a great way to make the most out of the power generated when it is needed most. With energy storage, you are able to save the generated power for use later on in the day, such as when you use the heating in the evening, run the dishwasher after your meal, or even when the power cuts out. Interested in learning more? Speak to your SuperGreen Solar Expert to find out what battery storage options are available for your home or business.

Solar panels are designed to operate in any climate, yet some rooftops may be unsuitable for solar installations due to their age, surrounding trees, or other factors. Excessive shading from nearby trees, for example, could make a rooftop solar system less than ideal.
If it is determined that your current roof is not suitable for solar installation, you should consult with your SuperGreen Sales Manager to evaluate the availability of financing options to cover the expense of both the roof upgrade and the solar system.

With high-quality solar panels and a dependable solar installer like SuperGreen Solutions, you can count on an expected lifespan of 25-30 years and warranties for guaranteed energy output. Investing in solar panels for your home is a wise decision as they are made to last and can be an important part of your electricity supply. For further details, refer to this blog post about the durability of solar panels.

Let’s examine the facts – while solar energy presents plentiful advantages to the planet and property owners alike, the purchase / cost price benefit will vary for each client. 

Solar energy systems can be a great investment for increasing your home’s value. According to a study, the addition of solar panels is perceived as an upgrade, such as a newly-renovated kitchen or finished basement, and can be worth up to an extra $15,000 in a sale. What’s more, homes with solar panels tend to sell quicker than those without.

Solar panels come with many appealing advantages that could make them beneficial to your home or business.  You should enjoy lower electricity bills, help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, gain more control over your energy usage, and be protected from rising electricity costs.  Additionally, solar should add to the value of your home or business, as well as provide you with a sense of security from power outages when linked to a back backup battery.

Net metering, provided by certain utility companies, offers a valuable credit on electric bills for any unused energy generated from solar panels. This system could lead to monetary savings, depending on one’s home energy use and production. Offsetting time-of-use (TOU) rates is a further means of cost reduction, made possible through a battery backup for those with solar panels. Electricity rates are highest during times of peak customer demand, and a battery backup can store the energy produced by solar panels during the day and use it when prices are most expensive at night.

We offer cash and finance payment options.  Working closely with our finance partners we should be able to offer you a finance option that meets your specific needs if that is the option you choose.

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Solar energy’s potential as a renewable energy source makes it a powerful tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a critical factor in preventing the severe effects of climate change. This can help ensure the safety of humans, wildlife, and ecosystems.

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