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SuperGreen Solutions offers affordable financing options that can include select home improvements, LED Lighting, and much more.

Custom lighting solutions at the flip of a switch!

SuperGreen Solutions provides sophisticated lighting options for indoor and outdoor applications for all customers. We specialize in offering the most cutting-edge LED lighting technology that is intelligent and power-saving.

With a long life of 50,000+ hours, our top-of-the-line Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) provide a bright and natural light that optimizes visibility and diminishes glares. Furthermore, our lighting utilizes up to 60-percent less energy than other regular lighting solutions.

Ideal for a wide array of applications, from domestic and commercial use to architecture, our SGS lighting can be tailored to accommodate electric vehicle (EV) charging, surveillance cameras, and other smart devices.

The SuperGreen Solutions Advantage

Having a well-designed lighting system is the initial and most critical factor of achieving a balanced, harmonious home interior. Even with a brilliant design, a room can look lifeless and suffocating without the right illumination for domestic spaces. An appropriate mixture of ambient, task, and accent lighting makes the room more comfortable – making visitors stay longer and making tasks simpler.
Lighting plays an essential role in certain areas. Having a vivid, clear kitchen lighting provides a pleasant and secure spot for cooking and entertaining. Furthermore, adjustable lighting alternatives in bathrooms keep them tidy and comfortable.
SuperGreen Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of residential lighting options that comprise of bulbs, fixtures, and luminaires. This makes it easy to establish a functional and visually appealing residential lighting design for home.
On top of that, their energy-efficient LED lights means you don’t have to pay a large energy bill for your illuminated house.

Exterior Lighting

If you're looking to create an inviting atmosphere at your business, LED exterior lighting is the perfect option.


Increase visibility for large scale spaces and increase night-time productivity with LED lighting systems.

Small Business & Retail

Parking lot, exterior, and security lights, we help businesses of all kinds.

Parking Lots & Garages

LED lighting systems are designed to provide excellent visibility in dark areas, making it easier for drivers to park safely and securely.

Landscaping & Walkways

With its high efficiency and long life, LED lighting makes a perfect choice for any commercial landscape or walkway.

Community Spaces

Big or small, LED lighting systems are designed to enhance the space without wasting energy.

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