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Residential Solar Installation

Worried about rising energy costs?  There are many benefits to going solar.  Click below to learn more.

EV Charging Stations

A residential electric vehicle charging station from SuperGreen Solutions delivers a convenient, worry-free charging experience.

Installation is Simple with SuperGreen!

Tap into the world’s greatest renewable energy source and switch to solar energy. SuperGreen Solutions makes it easy to enjoy potential savings on your energy bills, a long-term financial return, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Going green has never been simpler!

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

Going GREEN is Packed with Benefits for YOU and the Environment.

With versatile adaptability, the solar power system offers immediate access to renewable energy without the expense or complexity of older models.     

Recent technological advancements in solar paneling and independent products, such as solar lighting equipment, power banks, and portable solar systems, make harnessing the sun’s energy easier and more affordable than ever.

Government initiatives, increased demand, and plummeting prices, up to 40% in some states, are contributing to a 49% annual growth in solar energy use in America. In short, with its range of applications, the solar power system has become accessible to anyone in the US.

Home Is Energy

Transform your home into a green, self-sufficient powerhouse with an efficient, residential solar installation.

Rebates Now Available

Rebates are still available for converting to solar power in states across the United States.

Certified Engineers

Our sales engineers on our staff have experience and can design any complete solar system.

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Cities Across the US are Going Green

Across the country families are reducing their carbon footprint by Going Green. Did you know that every 4 seconds another homeowner flips the switch to solar and takes control of their families future energy needs. Click the link below to be connected to a local SuperGreen Solutions Service Provider.

Solar power is quickly becoming the next great upgrade for homes across the country.  In some areas, solar power is already more cost-effective than electricity the utility company provides.  No matter the climate, solar panels are built to function efficiently in any weather.