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Available Solar Rebates and Programs

Solar power is quickly becoming the next great upgrade for houses. However, cost is something all homeowners consider before installing solar. The good news is solar is no longer cost-prohibitive. In fact, between advances in solar technology and the different rebates and programs, solar quite literally pays for itself. Homeowners must understand the key provisions of these cost saving initiatives. With help from a trusted solar advisor, finding the right programs is easy for new solar customers. 

Federal Programs

The first place to find rebates and incentives for solar is the federal government. Thanks to the Investment Tax Credit, homeowners have the ability to write off the part of if not in some cases all of the costs. Because it’s a tax credit, the money comes back to homeowners as a tax refund. So, a homeowner can invest part of their tax refund into solar panels. This tax credit along with other programs for homeowners is extremely helpful for reducing the actual expense. Check eligibility and talk with an accountant as well, because there are plenty of ways to use solar panels for lowering the tax bill.

State and Local Programs

Once the federal programs are exhausted, the next place for rebates and programs is the Database of State Initiatives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE). These local programs help with tax bills, including state and even property taxes. These programs work well for homeowners because they’re tailored to the needs of the specific community. The best part about the state and local programs is any federal benefits are not nullified by participating in other programs. Instead of getting a single benefit, these programs provide comprehensive lowering of costs in several areas. Be sure to check this database along with getting the input of a solar energy advisor.

Utility Rebates and Incentives

Utility companies are quite interested in their customers converting to solar power. The reality is utility companies always have a place, and having the reverse capability provided by solar allows these companies to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Furthermore, these incentives don’t just defray costs, but build in long term savings. Utility companies have the closest relationships with customers. They understand the immediate needs and how to help get the most out of solar. It’s actually in a utility company’s best interest to help homeowners invest in the technology. Solar has capacity to get homeowners back online quicker after natural disasters, and it allows utilities to also utilize various grants to improve infrastructure too. 

At the end of the day, making solar cost neutral starts with having rebates and programs. Between the governmental programs, utility programs, and even programs offered by solar dealers, it’s possible to spend very little out of pocket when everything goes through the calculator. Learn exactly what programs are available to homeowners in your area by contacting SuperGreen Solutions today, and stay tuned tomorrow to get the inside scoop on financing solar power. 

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