3 Different Ways to Finance Solar Panels

The biggest obstacle homeowners have to solar power is financing. Solar panels are less expensive than ever, but cost is still on the minds of homeowners. Many homeowners are fearful about such an investment.

Available Solar Rebates and Programs

SuperGreen Solutions completes a residential solar project in a beautiful area of Jacksonville, FL

Solar power is quickly becoming the next great upgrade for houses. However, cost is something all homeowners consider before installing solar. The good news is solar is no longer cost-prohibitive. In fact, between advances in solar technology and the different rebates and programs, solar quite literally pays for itself.

Is My Home Right for Solar?

Once ready to make the investment in solar energy, homeowners inevitably must learn if their home is right for solar energy. On its face, solar energy is a great idea. However, like all ideas the implementation comes with different considerations.

How Does Solar Work

SuperGreen Solutions installing a residential solar project in Jacksonville, FL

Many people interested in solar panels understand the concept in broad terms – the sun’s energy is captured and powers a home. This is an oversimplification of the solar process. While the massive levels of engineering used to create photovoltaic is hard for most to comprehend, the simplicity of the delivery is stunning.

How Much is Solar

With fossil fuel prices setting new highs, solar once again sees increased interest from homeowners. There are many reasons solar is an ideal solution. For as long as there’s been a need for energy, people used the sun.

The impact of solar on energy independence and grid reliability

Solar energy can have a significant impact on energy independence and grid reliability. By generating electricity from the sun, homeowners and businesses can reduce or eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels and the traditional grid. This can also lead to a more resilient and reliable energy system, as it diversifies the sources of power and can provide a valuable backup during power outages.

How Solar Power Helps With Disaster Resilience

Boy at home during a blackout using a flashlight lantern

As we experience more extreme weather effects of climate change, consider how we can make our homes and businesses more resilient. Leveraging independence from the grid and providing power during outages is one of the benefits of solar energy in disaster resilience.