SuperGreen Solutions Celebrates Grand Opening of Cincinnati Franchise with Overwhelming Support

Cincinnati, OH – July 10,2023 – SuperGreen Solutions®, a leading provider of innovative renewable energy solutions, proudly announces the successful grand opening of its new franchise location in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The event garnered an incredible turnout of over 100 enthusiastic local supporters, including prominent political figures, who all came together to celebrate the arrival of SuperGreen Solutions in the region.  The franchise is under the capable leadership of Rhonda Gaskill, an accomplished business leader known for her collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The grand opening event held at Little Miami Brewery., in Milford, Ohio, created an electrifying atmosphere as attendees gathered to witness the inauguration of SuperGreen Solutions’ newest franchise.  Residents, business owners, and community leaders came out in full force to support the franchise’s mission to foster a greener future.

Distinguished guests in attendance included Milford City Mayor Lisa Evans, Ohio State Representative Jean Schmidt, Ohio State Representatives Adam Mathews,  Anthony Spaetzel Field Representative for Brad Wenstrup, U.S. House of Representative, State Representatives Adam Mathews , David Painter from the Board of County Commissioners, Ron Swogger, the President of the local Chambers of Commerce, and esteemed members of the city hall.  Their presence further solidified the significance of SuperGreen Solutions’ entry into the Cincinnati market and underscored the city’s commitment to sustainable development.

During the event, Mayor Lisa Evans expressed her admiration for SuperGreen Solutions’ efforts.  A representative from Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s office presented Rhonda and SuperGreen Solutions® with a certificate of recognition to commemorate the grand opening.  State Representative Jean Schmidt also joined in to present Rhonda Gaskill and SuperGreen Solutions® with a recognition certificate signed by Representative Schmidt and Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens.  The gesture highlighted the franchise’s dedication to advancing sustainable practices and contributing to the local economy.

Rhonda Gaskill, the accomplished franchise owner of SuperGreen Solutions of Cincinnati, addressed the attendees, expressing her gratitude for the overwhelming support and acknowledging the instrumental role played by M7 Ventures in bringing the franchise to the region.  Gaskill’s passion for critical thinking, problem-solving and her collaborative leadership style were crucial factors in the successful launch of the franchise.

SuperGreen Solutions’ commitment to sustainable energy solutions resonated strongly with the attendees.  With its unique combination of political support, community involvement, and commitment to renewable energy, SuperGreen Solutions of Cincinnati is positioned to make a true impact.  SuperGreen Solutions® expansion in Cincinnati is an economic development success story, highlighting the importance of green initiatives in driving local growth and sustainability.


For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Michelle Harris

Director of Marketing & Communications

Phone: 410.348.1296


About Rhonda Gaskill:

Rhonda Gaskill is a highly focused and driven leader known for her collaborative approach to bringing out the best in every situation.  Her tenacity has enabled her to navigate complex environments, including acquisitions, mergers, and organizational transformations.  Thriving in fast-paced and dynamic settings, Rhonda excels in critical thinking and problem-solving, making her well-equipped to tackle challenges that require adaptability and strategic decision-making in her franchise.  With her exceptional leadership qualities, Rhonda is poised to significantly impact the sustainable energy industry and drive positive change in her role as the franchise owner of SuperGreen Solutions Cincinnati.

About SuperGreen Solutions®:

SuperGreen Solutions® is a leading provider of innovative renewable energy solutions, empowering businesses and individuals to embrace a more eco-friendly future.  With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and a comprehensive suite of services, SuperGreen Solutions® offers a diverse range of products and expertise to help create a more sustainable world.

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