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From a range of solar panel systems to battery storage and electric vehicle charging stations, SuperGreen has you covered.

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Going Green is a promise to do better. At SuperGreen Solutions, we know the way to push this movement forward requires business owners and community leaders to lead the charge. Learn more about the Green Services offered by SuperGreen Solutions in your area here.


With electricity usage as one of the most costly and fluctuating expenses your business has to face, it is essential to be prepared for power outages. SuperGreen Solutions’ commercial solar battery systems are ideal for gaining energy independence and creating a resilient backup power source.  From powering your warehouse or showroom to exterior lighting, a solar system from SuperGreen can be tailored to meet your company’s specific energy needs, business goals, and local utility rate structures.   

Furthermore, this solution provides the potential to access additional financial gain, such as selling stored solar energy back to the grid or joining a grid services program.

Take Solar to the Next Level With Industrial-Scale Solar Energy Storage

By implementing energy storage systems, we can now conserve electricity for periods of peak demand, thus purchasing energy in an economically sensible and eco-friendly way. Energy storage facilitates solar energy to power the grid, even without sunlight. It can also minimize fluctuations in solar energy distribution across the network. External factors like season, weather, clouds, haze, or obstructions, for instance, shadows, rain, snow, or dust, may alter solar energy production. Energy storage systems can be connected to or independent of a solar system, allowing solar to be more efficiently integrated into the energy grid.
At SuperGreen Solutions, we use only the highest quality Lithium-ion batteries for energy storage technology. Their construction, resembling the ones in electric vehicles and mobile phones, is now applied to a bigger scale. By connecting solar power and energy storage systems, the benefits of the two combined become undeniable.
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