How Does Solar Work

SuperGreen Solutions installing a residential solar project in Jacksonville, FL

Many people interested in solar panels understand the concept in broad terms – the sun’s energy is captured and powers a home. This is an oversimplification of the solar process. While the massive levels of engineering used to create photovoltaic is hard for most to comprehend, the simplicity of the delivery is stunning.

How Solar Power Helps With Disaster Resilience

Boy at home during a blackout using a flashlight lantern

As we experience more extreme weather effects of climate change, consider how we can make our homes and businesses more resilient. Leveraging independence from the grid and providing power during outages is one of the benefits of solar energy in disaster resilience.

How to Choose the Right Solar Partner

Once deciding to use solar power, it’s imperative to find the right partner. Not all solar companies offer the same levels of service. Customers are not just trusting a company for a single, one-time purchase but a couple decades-worth of function.