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Experts In Residential Solar Panel Cleaning In Charleston Checking The Solar Panels

Why Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional to Clean Your Solar Panels?  

Residential solar panel cleaning in Charleston, like many pressure washing projects, appears to be simple enough to do it yourself. Sure, you’ll have to climb to the top of your roof and spend hours cleaning your solar panels when you should be relaxing, but at least you’ll save money, right? While the allure of a do-it-yourself solar panel cleaning may appear to be cost-effective, the fact is that professional services provide clear benefits that DIY attempts may fall short of. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of having your solar panels cleaned professionally. 

solar panels on a roof needing Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Charleston

Solar Panel Cleaning 

Why Should You Hire an Expert? 

If your home has solar panels, it is critical that they are cleaned correctly and professionally on a regular basis to ensure that they perform to their full potential. Contrary to popular belief, rain does not clean solar panels; instead, you need to have them professionally cleaned to avoid harming them.  

Cleaning your solar panels by a professional is necessary, and when compared to the cost of buying power from the grid, cleaning is a far more affordable choice. Panels that are dirty do not function properly, which is why they must be thoroughly cleaned. 

Cleaning solar panels is a job best left to a professional with expertise and specialized training, for a variety of reasons: 

  • Because solar panels are frequently positioned high up, cleaning them necessitates climbing a ladder and working at a perilous height.   
  • It’s critical to know which cleaning solution to use to efficiently clean solar panels without harming them.
  • To accomplish a decent job, you’ll need specialized equipment, such as extended tools. 

Is it Worth It to Clean Solar Panels?  

Cleaning your solar panels through professional cleaning services, according to most experts, is worth it if there’s a buildup of dirt and grime. 

When solar panels become filthy, their efficiency decreases by 5% on average. However, in most regions, the following rain will wash away the dirt, restoring the panels’ full output. So, just though your panels have some dirt on them, you don’t necessarily have to clean them right away unless it has had a significant impact on their efficiency. 

In addition, solar panels are mounted at an angle. As a result, the bottoms of the panels will accumulate dirt or water runoff most of the time. However, the panels’ output will not be reduced as a result of this. Even if it does, the impact will be minimal.  

Overall, the good news is that you won’t need to constantly clean them, but it is important to do so occasionally for maximum performance. 

When it doesn’t rain for months, the panels might grow dusty, especially in the winter. It will be worthwhile to clean them and restore the panels’ performance on such occasions. Cleaning solar panels may also improve system performance and, as a consequence, lower your power costs. 

an expert in Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Charleston handles a solar panel

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Solar Panels? 

Solar panels that are dirty are substantially less efficient, lowering your savings. Solar blockers include dust, leaves, and water.  

Dust causes ongoing issues in addition to the accumulation of dirt over time. However, your precise location has a significant impact on how much this might influence your system and what initiates it. However, it’s equally crucial to keep in mind that leaves impede light. 

Bird droppings on your solar panels are far more damaging than a thin layer of dust. If you have a lot of trees in your neighborhood, especially deciduous trees, they will not only drop leaves on your roof but will also attract birds. Both of these factors contribute to the accumulation of dirt on solar panels over time, making it more vital to utilize solar panel cleaning services or efforts on a regular basis.  

One thing to think about is the array’s angle. Water can pool on flat panels and create a muddy residue when it evaporates, necessitating greater maintenance. Angled ones clean themselves by allowing rain to run across them. 

Should You Clean Your Own Solar Panels or Call a Professional? 

Professional assistance is the best approach to clean solar panels. When it comes to solar panels, always consider the expenses vs the benefits. It’s recommended to consult a professional if you’re concerned about the height of your solar panels.  

If you’re simply cleaning your solar panel because of a minor dust buildup and a brief absence of rain, the money you’ll save on your energy bill until the next rain isn’t worth it. If your solar panels have become flat and inefficient, hiring a professional to clean them for you might save you money on your energy bill. 

Many people choose to clean their solar panels themselves. If you choose this route, keep in mind that it’s safer to do it on the ground if at all feasible. For more information, we recommend reading our guide on cleaning solar panels.  

Cleaning up these systems, however, isn’t always as simple as it appears.  

Professional solar panel cleaning services are extremely useful when the job gets too dangerous (or difficult) to complete on your own. When things become rough and there’s a serious danger involved, we recommend enlisting the help of specialists to clean up your system to the highest possible standards. 

Hiring a Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Company 

If you want someone else to do the task for you, whether it’s a solar panel cleaning business or a regular roof cleaner, be sure they have the requisite skills and can demonstrate that they’ll do a good job.  

Any reputable business or company will:  

  • Learn what it takes to clean solar panels. 
  • Learn how to protect your panels, gutters, and roof from damage. 
  • Use cleaning solutions that are free of hazardous substances
  • Always work in a safe manner. 

an expert in Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Charleston checks the solar panels

Is It Finally Time for a Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Charleston? 

At SuperGreen Solutions, we can help you with cleaning and maintaining your solar panels, regardless of where they are located on your property, to ensure that they are running at peak efficiency. Please contact SuperGreen Solutions today for more information about our services. 

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