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Why Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning? 

Today’s consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of using renewable energy for generating electricity. This eco-consciousness has led to the increased application of solar power systems to power offices and homes. We’re here to give you the lowdown on certain conditions that require immediate residential solar panel cleaning in Jacksonville.

a solar expert providing Residential Solar Panel Cleaning services in Jacksonville

What You Need to Know About Solar Panel Cleaning

Top Reasons Why Solar Panels Need Regular Cleaning

It’s important to note that solar panels require adequate exposure to sunlight to produce optimal power. Dust, dirt, leaves, pollen, ice, snow, bird droppings, or any object that remains on its surface will block sunlight and significantly affect your solar panel’s overall performance.

It Improves Efficiency

Statistical observations suggest that a solar power system’s overall efficiency and performance dramatically improve when they’re clean. Clean residential arrays show up to 21% efficiency, while clean commercial installations go up to 60%. In other words, regular cleaning can prep your solar panels for maximum efficiency.

It May Be a Warranty Condition

In most cases, solar panel installation manufacturers and companies specify regular cleaning as a warranty condition. You may end up invalidating your warranty if you don’t have proof of regular cleaning. It’s best to stay on the safe side when a malfunction occurs at some point.

You Can’t Just Rely on Rainwater

If you think that rainwater is enough to keep your solar power system clean, think again. You should clean your solar panels more often during the rainy season, just like you clean your car’s windshield more often when the weather is constantly wet.

It Enhances the System’s Durability

Without regular solar panel cleaning, the buildup of dust particles, sand, and other debris will eventually contribute to your solar power system’s wear and tear. If you’re looking to increase their efficiency while extending the lifespan of your equipment, you should schedule regular solar panel cleaning.

It Adds Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home

Unless you’re willing to have dirt-covered, aged-looking solar panels adorning your rooftop, you’d want to keep your solar panels clean. Besides being efficient, clean solar panels are also more aesthetically pleasing.

It Provides an Opportunity to Inspect the Equipment

Cleaning your solar panels allows you to evaluate their condition and check for signs of wear and tear or damage.

Increase ROI Time

Since solar panel installation is an investment, you’ll want to ensure a return on your investment as quickly as possible. Neglecting to clean your solar panels can negatively impact your ROI time. Alternatively, regular solar panel cleaning enhances efficiency as more sunlight reaches the cells.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning services in Jacksonville

Scenarios That Require You to Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned

While occasional rain can safely and naturally clean your solar panels, it’s best to ensure regular cleaning if you live in certain areas where high amounts of dirt, dust, sand, and smog are blown around. Likewise, if you live in a region that experiences the worst weather conditions, you’ll have to freshen up your panels more often than usual.


Snow that builds up on your solar panels won’t cause damage to them. However, snow-covered panels won’t be as efficient in generating electricity as those directly exposed to sunlight. When weather conditions are particularly icy, and snow covers all or parts of your solar panels, it’s best to have them cleaned to maximize their capability to generate power.

Windy Conditions and Dust Storms

Since solar panels are specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, you won’t have to worry about damaged solar panels even if your area experiences high winds. However, you should regularly check your solar power system’s efficiency when flying debris is common.

Smoky Conditions Caused by a Wildfire and Bushfire Crisis

Rooftop solar energy’s output bears the brunt of a wildfire and bushfire crisis. The buildup of ash particles and dust that settle on the solar panels can lead to up to 30% production loss.

Additionally, the smoke density in regions with fire hazards decreases the photons in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the reduction of photons can hurt the performance of solar panels.

For this reason, solar panels that are more exposed to environmental elements should be cleaned to ensure their efficiency. If you’re looking to restore your solar power system’s production levels, you should hire a professional to get the job done.

What Is the Recommended Solar Panel Cleaning Schedule?

Industry experts recommend cleaning solar panels at least two to four times a year.  However, since seasonal issues, weather conditions, and regular exposure to dust, dirt, and debris all year long can affect their energy production, it’s best to follow a solar panel cleaning schedule.


Even a small number of leaves can significantly impact your solar panel’s ability to generate power. A single large leaf that fully covers one solar cell can affect an entire row of panels. The more leaves accumulate, the more the electricity output drops.


Although high-quality modules won’t be damaged by cold weather, thick snow layers that completely block sunlight can stop your system’s electricity production. Unless you get rid of the snow on your roof and solar panels, it will melt and freeze back into ice, which can be challenging to remove.


During spring, the pollen in the air can accumulate on solar panels and reduce their energy production. The best way to prevent pollen buildup is to ensure regular washing. If you’re sensitive to pollen, you’ll want to avoid exposure by enlisting the help of a professional solar panel cleaning service provider.


When it’s summertime, the cleaning needs of solar power systems depend on your area’s weather conditions and climate. For example, frequent solar panel cleaning isn’t necessary if you live in a region that gets plenty of rain during summer. However, if your area experiences less rainfall and the weather is usually hot and dry during summer, you should schedule regular maintenance to avoid dust, ash, and particle build-up.

a solar expert providing Residential Solar Panel Cleaning services in Jacksonville

Are You Looking for an Expert in Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Jacksonville?

At SuperGreen Solutions, we’re here to help you find an easier path to sustainable green living. We’ll become your partner and ally by providing everything you need to go green – including solar panel cleaning services. Contact our office today to get access to green technology, strategic guidance, and ongoing support in using sustainable energy in your home.



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