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What is the Sustainability Index?

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you likely understand all that financial reporting entails. From balance sheets to measuring revenue versus cash flow, there is a lot that goes into proper accounting. As a business working toward greater sustainability, there are ways to determine the value of your effort. In fact, the sustainability index is a measure of your overall progress toward environmental sustainability. No investment in your company goes unnoticed when measuring the overall value of your business.

Much like goodwill and reputation, being sustainable is best described as an intangible asset and is categorized as sustainability accounting. Although a non-financial measure, it is vital information about your company?s performance, which can be shared with stakeholders such as capital holders, creditors, and other authorities. In this reporting, all activities that have an impact on society and the environment are considered.

As sustainability adds great value to your company, it also makes you more competitive to investors. In fact, RobecoSAM, based in Switzerland, is one example of an investment company – the first, in fact – to focus on sustainability. This company has successfully provided indexes, like the sustainability index, to measure and report on a company?s successful transition to more sustainable practices.

SuperGreen Solutions is passionate about helping your company become more sustainable. Through the ISO 14001 Certification, SuperGreen assists in ensuring your company is not only adopting greener practices but being internationally recognized for doing so. Through the process of becoming certified, your company has already begun to make headway in sustainability. The next positive step is impacting future investments.

If you need more information or are interested in determining your sustainability index, contact your local SuperGreen Solutions today!

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