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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Richmond

Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Panels

Solar energy’s appeal for residential and commercial applications has soared in recent years. This is due to the compelling mix of contemporary solar panel efficiency and current money-saving solar incentives.   

Going solar makes more sense now than it ever has, and unless you live in Antarctica, you’ve undoubtedly noticed solar panel systems spring up all over town and wondered what they were all about.

Are they a good fit for you? Do you require residential solar panel cleaning in Richmond? That’s a question best answered by a solar energy expert who knows what they’re talking about. Nonetheless, these fascinating facts about solar energy will help put the notion of solar panel installation into perspective.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Richmond

Facts You Should Know About Solar Panels

Solar Is the World’s Cheapest Energy Source

Since 2008, the cost of solar panels has plummeted by 80%. The cost of generating and installing new solar power generation fell to $1.65 per watt in December 2016, just edging out its renewable counterpart wind ($1.66/Watt) and fossil fuel competitors.

Solar Panels Can Be Used to Charge Electric Vehicles

This truth of solar energy goes unnoticed. When solar panels are combined with an electric vehicle and a home EV charger, you save money on petrol and power and practically eliminate your carbon impact.

Most Homeowners Achieve the Break-even Point in Less Than a Decade

The break-even threshold, often known as the “solar payoff phase,” is critical. With your energy savings, you can cover the cost of your solar energy system. Many factors influence your precise break-even point, but most solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, so it’s a solid bet.

Solar Energy Is the Most Abundant Source of Energy on the Solar System

The total annual energy consumption on the globe is equal to the amount of potential solar energy that falls on Earth’s surface in one hour. The quantity of energy produced by 20 days of sunshine is equivalent to all of the world’s coal, oil, and natural gas combined.

We Could Use Solar Energy to Power the Entire Planet

Solar panels covering an area the size of Spain would create enough electricity to meet the world’s energy demands. All other types of renewable and non-renewable energy sources would be obsolete. Spain is a large country, although it only accounts for 1% of the world’s landmass.

However, we do not have to limit ourselves to a specific location. Consider all the roofs, new places, and desert regions that might be used for solar panels. This is a possibility that we may soon face.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Richmond

Are you Planning to Get a Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Richmond?

We all know that using solar panels to harness the power of the sun is a clean, efficient, and cost-effective method to power your house or company. But the fact is, solar energy is here to stay, and the more you wait to maintain your solar panels, the more money and power you’ll lose.

At SuperGreen Solutions, we prioritize your issues and consider the environmental impact that technology might have. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can!


Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Richmond 

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