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The solar industry changed last year. Did you catch it?

Looking back only 5 years, solar panels for homes would have been 55% more expensive than they are today. That is because panel prices were on average 55% more expensive just 5 years ago. If we go back ten years, that number jumps to around 82%! Why am I looking back and not forward? If you don’t look back, you won’t realize how far you’ve come and you definitely won’t truly understand or grasp the state of the industry today. Solar is exploding and falling costs are the reason why.  

Solar Boom or Solar Fad

Now that we had a quick look at the drastic changes in solar, how has it affected growth? Over the past ten years, solar has seen an average growth of 42% year after year. The industry shows no signs of slowing and the amount of workers now directly or indirectly employed through solar is around 230,000. In comparison, this is nearly triple the amount of workers employed in the coal industry and double in the wind industry in America. The amount of workers in solar is actually stated to nearly double by 2030 to over 400,000 workers to keep up with demand. Where are these jobs and how can you be part of it? 

Types of Jobs in Solar 

Installation and construction related jobs in the industry comprise the largest portion of those working in the solar industry. Panel and components manufacturing positions make up the second largest piece of the pie while operations, finance, and sales make up the smallest. Of all those employed in the industry, Sales positions are arguably the most important. So why did Sales positions actually decrease last year? It’s easy to blame the pandemic on employment losses but something really interesting happened last year in solar sales and if you blinked, you may have missed it. What was it? The digitization of selling solar online. 

The big solar sales shift 

More solar sales positions were lost last year as a percentage than manufacturing or other related roles and it’s due slightly to the pandemic but more so to the fact that sales rapidly shifted online. Traditionally, solar sales happen in people’s homes or in an office. However, as  health and safety became the main concern for customers, sales were forced to shift. Those in solar sales who did not shift, more than likely lost their job but those who did, experienced greener pastures. The normal correlation you might have seen last year that many different industries saw was: 

  • Pandemic = job losses 
  • Job losses = lower discretionary spending
  • Lower discretionary spending = slower business growth, shrinking companies, or bankrupt companies 

Solar experienced a backward correlation

  • Pandemic = job losses
  • Job losses = pivot to online sales 
  • Online sales = continued overall solar growth

Where many companies downsized, shrunk, or are still recovering from the lingering Covid pandemic, solar saw a 43% growth rate when compared to 2019! The rapid shift to online sales left those behind who didn’t adapt and the benefit was increased revenues for all those who still remained.  What do customers think of having less face-to-face interaction with their solar company? They flocked to this business model as it added more security for their family in an increasingly quarantined world plus it provided an added convenience for them and more flexible scheduling during ever increasingly busy personal schedules. 

Solar companies are seeing higher revenues and are looking to grow. Will you take part? 

Owners are seeing savings from selling online. With less employees needed to produce a sale, solar companies are ready to grow even faster. These savings are attributed to efficiencies achieved through less traveling, less vehicle maintenance, less gas, and less time spent per potential customer. If you own a sales generation company or a solar installation company, you are excited about what the future holds and are looking for ways to capitalize. If you are looking to get involved but not quite sure if starting a solar company from scratch is the right move, you’re not alone. Many are looking for a simple and easy way to help homeowners save on the electricity costs while helping the planet without bearing the costs of holding tons of inventory, learning laws and regulations, buying equipment, getting licenses, leasing warehouses, developing software systems, and building a brand from nothing. That’s where SuperGreen Solutions comes in. We built a system ready franchise for you to begin selling solar in as quick as a month. We provide you training, a trusted brand recognized in the industry, customized operations supports, backend business systems, and world-class relationships with suppliers and installers. The best part is you don’t have to have years of experience underneath your belt. If you’re ready to learn more, don’t wait. Solar is going to continue to grow with or without you. It’s simply a matter of if you want to be part of the revolution or be left behind like those who failed to adapt to selling online. We’re ready to help you realize your vision. 

Here at SuperGreen Solutions, we built a franchise system that trains entrepreneurs from all backgrounds on how to become a Solar Sales Consultant as well as offer Electric vehicle charging stations and air purification solutions to businesses and residences. If you are interested in learning more, please visit and book a meeting with us today. 


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