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SuperGreen Solutions takes pride in being the world’s premier sustainability advisor. SuperGreen Solutions helps businesses lower costs and drive revenues through green initiatives. With our exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification and exclusive Green Compass Sustainability Award™, we offer a unique service – published by the United Nations – that helps our clients improve revenues, financial performance, operational performance, public image, and employee engagement, while lowering costs, and creating competitive differentiation and a platform for market leadership and brand building.

ISO Certification Green Compass Sustainability Award

All over the world, businesses are striving to differentiate themselves. They also want to improve energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase revenue. The use of green initiatives to satisfy this is our service.

ISO 14001 is THE sustainability certification across the globe – with over 350,000 certifications in more than 150 countries.

We Create a Total Sustainable Solution Like No Other

Service Process

The SuperGreen Solutions’ ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification and Green Compass Sustainability Award™ program will differentiate your business from your competition, giving you all of the following benefits of being a certified GREEN company:

  • improved public image
  • improved competitive advantage
  • improved financial performance
  • increased valuation
  • enhanced product / operational performance
  • improved employee engagement
  • improved new customer attainment
  • improved legal compliance
  • improved new market penetration
  • improved emergency preparedness

Program Results


Via competitive differentiation


Via the energy efficient products


Via upgrades in the work environment


Via becoming a sustainability leader

What We Do

Provide you with a Promotional Tool Kit

We want to start the promotional effort for your business right away. This allows us to help you maximize your markets recognition for deciding to GO GREEN!

Conduct a Sustainability Assessment

This is more than an energy audit. We complete a detailed assessment of your entire business’ operation, not just the building; and analyze your current energy expenses and operational practices associated with sustainability.

Design the Green Compass Roadmap Enhancements Plan

The plan will detail the sustainable business items, inclusive of ROIs, to be addressed within your business, leading to cost reduction and positive financial impact.

Purchase and Installation of Green Products

We source and coordinate the products for your business to become more efficient.

Manage the Certification Process

We help you achieve the exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001 certification


Promotion of Certification

We uniquely help you promote your journey to, and post, certification to the market, improving your business’ reputation and standing. By doing so, we help the you pursue and achieve the exclusive Green Compass Sustainability Award™.


Let us show you how our Green Compass Sustainability Award can help your business!

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The social equity bottom line


The economic bottom line


The environmental bottom line


The marketing bottom line

Our Green Compass Sustainability Award can benefit your business.

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SuperGreen Solutions Green Compass Sustainability Award can bring your business:

  • 20% higher sales and margins when you stand apart from your competition
  • 55% higher employee morale
  • 38% higher employee loyalty
  • 50% less employee turnover
  • 16% higher employee productivity

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