Indow Window

Energy Efficient Interior Window Inserts

A perfect fit for your windows.

No matter the shape, Indow window inserts are custom made to press inside your window frames.

Indow’s award-winning window inserts are made of acrylic and edged with our patented silicone compression tubing. Proudly made in the USA.

Historic Review Board Approved.

Why? Because they cannot be seen from the outside or inside, they do not damage your original windows and simply press into the interior of your window frame.

  • COMFORT – Block cold drafts and hot summer air.
  • SAVINGS – Double-pane window efficiency at a much lower cost.
  • QUIET – Block up to 70% of the noise coming from the outside.
  • GREAT AESTHETICS – Virtually invisible and ideal for heritage homes.
  • EASE OF USE – Lightweight for simple installation and removal.

Commercial Buildings

Drafty windows in a commercial building costs you.

  • High energy bills
  • Productivity drops due to employee discomfort
  • Tenants want it fixed – yesterday
  • Noise complaints

But replacing windows is expensive and often not practical.

Please contact me so I can show you how these problems can be addressed with Indow.

Please contact: Curt Nuenighoff
804. 364.1965

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Residential Solutions

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Commercial Solutions

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