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Pressure Continues for the Urgency of Climate Change

Climate change has been a major keyword in Google searches for over a decade, but never more than now. This has to do with the sense of urgency so many feel in doing what we can to combat it. That said, individuals can only do so much to make an impact, it is up to businesses and larger corporations to practice greater sustainability to truly affect change. In fact, a CBS News poll found that 69% of Americans want the next presidential administration to take action (i.e., Sanders? proposed Green New Deal), while 53% say that waiting until tomorrow may be too late.

While the current administration questions the authenticity of climate change claims, young people around the world have been speaking up for a planet they want to grow older on. On September 20, 2019, 1.1 million students were permitted to skip school to protest in lower Manhattan. This Climate Protest was inspired by Greta Thunberg, Swedish activist who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a zero-emission sailboat. She not only inspired and helped organize these protests, but she also participated in it. The United Nations? Secretary-General encourages nations to listen to public opinion ? our young citizens deserve governments with a sense of acute respect for the future of the planet.

The United Nations urges countries like the US, China, and Japan to take a step back from coal-burning factories and make significant changes due to their astronomical sizes. When a heavily populated country takes necessary action toward sustainability, the entire planet reaps the immediate benefits. This is how climate change is fought and possibly even reversed.

Nevertheless, as a small- to medium-sized business, making significant energy and sustainability changes can affect real change. Not only that, it can inspire friends and competitors to do the same, beginning a positive ripple effect in your community and nation.

Contact your local SuperGreen Solutions advisor to discuss ways your business can go green and trigger the ripple effect in your community.

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