Why Wind Energy Is Becoming the Most Competitive Technology

Wind Energy

The future of clean energy is becoming more and more possible. In fact, recent projections by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) showed that wind energy is successfully competing with traditional forms of energy production. In 2017 alone, 52,573 megawatts (MW) worth of new wind capacity were installed, which brought the global total capacity to 539,581 MW. The GWEC expects 2018 to be no different.

Going Green with Wind Energy

Countries all over the globe are committing to purchase more wind energy. Europe showed some impressive numbers in 2017, led by Germany with about 56 gigawatts (GW), followed by Spain (23 GW), UK (19 GW) and France (14 GW). Other European countries like Finland, Belgium, Ireland and Croatia also broke records. As wind energy continues to be competitively priced, more and more countries have been able to commit to alternative forms of energy. Going green has increasingly become a more tangible possibility.

In addition to Europe, the United States had an impressive installation of 7.1 GW and has strong pipeline projections for the coming years. Countries globally are turning to wind as their source of clean energy.

Projections for 2018 and Beyond

All over the globe, countries are writing policies to move toward more renewable sources of energy. Despite political and economic turmoil in many nations, initiatives for renewable energy are thriving. Likely due to being one of those competitively priced sources of clean energy, wind power installations are becoming more common. Argentina, for example, has plans for many installations in 2018 and beyond, and Uruguay, its neighbor, is close to the 100% renewable energy target in the power sector.

The future for clean energy is promising. Trends show an inevitable increase in installations and production. Without a doubt, the dependency for carbon-based energy sources is decreasing and will continue to do so.

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