What is Sustainable Living? SuperGreen Living.

Today, sustainable living is a hot topic, according to the Regenerative Leadership Institute.

At its most basic, sustainable living means living a lifestyle that uses as few resources as possible and causes the least amount of environmental damage for future generations to deal with. There are many different forms of sustainable living, since the concept can apply to almost every part of daily life.

The institute says that sustainable homes are built in such a way that they use few nonrenewable resources, do not require much energy to run, and cause little or no damage to the surrounding environment. A sustainable home should be constructed from materials that have been produced in an environmentally friendly manner, according to regenerative.com. Many homeowners pursue sustainable living by making their homes as low energy as possible, either by making sure that they have very high energy efficiency or by producing their own power from the sun or wind.

Are you tired of depending on everyone else for your basic life necessities? Do you admire the independence of your forefathers – their ability to live a fully self-sustainable lifestyle – and wish you too could rely on no one else but yourself for all your life requirements? Do you think that being self-sustainable isn’t possible anymore in this day and age? Well think again, writes Sam Richards author of Sustainable Living: Guide to Living a Fully Self-Sustainable Life That Will Eliminate All of Your Expenses.

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Becoming more environmentally counscious is everyone’s responsibility and establishing ecologically sound infrastrucure in your community is part of it.

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