Living Sustainably: Utah Green Homes Tour

How do you envision the house of the future? Perhaps our grandchildren will have a completely self sustaining urban smart home in 2040 that caters to human and environmental needs.  At least we hope that’s the case! Turns out, such mission is already with us here in Utah starting with a disruption in the building industry.

Garbett Homes set out to change the building industry back in the 1980’s and it’s working.  They’ve strategized their business model around building sustainable homes at the same price as traditional homes. However if you are ready and willing to reduce your consumption you don’t need a brand new home.  We all just need a little more guidance and education. Aside from education, with a little help from the technology side of things we’ll be able to cater to both the planet and the forward thinking dweller.

First Step: Get Educated on sustainability

The US Green Building Council is hosting their annual Green Homes Tour this Saturday August 27th, 2016.  They will be showcasing self sustaining homes in the area.  The homeowners themselves will teach us different ways in which they are reducing their water, energy, waste consumption and more.

What to expect from Utah Green Homes Tour

Meet mindful Utah residents and professionals from the green industry learning and working together. Read about triple bottom line businesses in Utah.

Location: Two tours held, Salt Lake City and Summit County
Free Registration:
Date: August 27th, 2014
Time: 10am-4pm 

The US Green Building Council are also looking for volunteers who would like to socialize and stand behind a great cause.  If you were struggling to come up with plans for Saturday and this sounds exciting click here to volunteer.

We are so excited to see you at the tour!

If you are interested in attending more educational events on sustainability make sure to check out these great resources.