Using a Smart Home to Go Green

Thanks to WiFi, everything is easier to manage and connecting devices using artificial intelligence is a simple yet effective way to manage the little things in the home that use a lot of power. SuperGreen Solutions loves smart home technology. Here’s how the smart home saves homeowners serious cash.

Smart Thermostats

The HVAC system in a home accounts for a large portion of the electric bill. To say these systems are inefficient is to understate how much money flows out of the air conditioner that shouldn’t. Thermostats are often put in the wrong location and are reliant on the user to change temperature. Smart thermostats change the game. They connect to WiFi and essentially figure out when to run the system. This eliminates running the system when no one is home or having the system run throughout the night. By connecting to WiFi, homeowners can change the system and shut it off without being home, adding yet another layer of cost-saving.

Lighting Systems

Everyone has a memory of a parent scolding them for leaving the lights on when not in a room. LED lights save money, but if they’re left on that’s still electricity being used. Smart lighting includes sensors that turn lights off automatically when there’s no one in the room. These lights connect to WiFi systems and can change the color of lighting too. So, between having lights that use less energy combined with lights turning off when not needed creates an ideal solution.

Having a smart home is a great way to save money. Learn how SuperGreen Solutions has all the smart solutions for every homeowner.