The Advantages of Being a Consultant Instead of a Supplier

Every entrepreneur dreams of building a sustainable business. These businesses can take many different forms. One of the most interesting businesses to start is a SuperGreen Solutions consultancy. These are home-based businesses that can work as a stand-alone business or a SuperGreen Solutions business can be an add-on for a contracting business. Some believe being a supplier is a great way to build a business, but the truth is being a supplier has many components outside the control of the entrepreneur. SuperGreen Solutions consultants have no such barriers. Here’s why consulting is better than supplying.

No Inventory Issues

One of the worst parts about starting a product-based business is dealing with the concerns brought on by inventory management. There are so many problems suppliers have with inventory. The biggest challenge is the inventory management component. Suppliers must fill warehouses with products in order to deliver on orders. Essentially, they’re always playing a game of catch-up, because as the warehouse depletes it becomes imperative to refill it. While profit is quite possible, the truth is in competitive markets, being a new supplier is an at-best uphill climb with little to no reward for even the luckiest entrepreneur.

Being a consultant with SuperGreen Solutions is different. Suppliers have to move the products and need to generate direct sales. For a consultant, there’s no need to have inventory. Thus, the financial strain of building and managing an inventory is non-existent for consultants. Instead, the consultant simply must focus on building up a customer base. Consultants with SuperGreen Solutions arrange for customers to get the products they need installed by the right people. Instead of fronting the cost of inventory and feeling the pressure to offload, being a consultant means cultivating a customer base that will consistently return for new products. Instead of worrying about offloading products, find the market and work on the promising returns without the pressure of recouping money.

Getting Permits

Permits are a massive issue for suppliers. Depending on the products, there could be permits needed for storing and distributing certain supplies. For suppliers, permitting is something requiring lots of hours at government offices, understanding of the different regulations, and essentially having to navigate lots of paperwork just to make sales and move equipment.

The story for consultants is much different regarding permits. Essentially, the consultant has nothing to do with the permitting process. Consultants do need to know the basics of what’s allowable in a location but the permitting process is entirely in the hands of the contractor and the client. Once the consultant completes their work – which is essentially arranging for the installation of the products – the rest of the job falls to the installer and the client to sort out the permits and other bureaucratic issues.

Lower Risk

There are plenty of reasons to be a supplier. One of the biggest reasons are the margins. As with anything, when there’s a bigger risk there’s a bigger reward. But when it comes to making a bigger bet, that intuitively means more can go wrong. For someone just starting out in the sustainability industry, there’s a lot of capital required to be a supplier. Walking a tightrope on the road to being profitable is something stressful, and there’s no guarantee of success. The truth is if a building bubble bursts, suppliers are often the first people who are left holding the bag and out a lot of cash.

A consultancy is different. The investment is minimal. This is to say that all an entrepreneur invests is the money needed to get the business up and running. This is the franchise fee and other associated costs. In comparison to suppliers, the costs for a consultant is fractional in comparison. By minimizing the risk, the business is more sustainable and as a result, will have more value going forward. Every business wants to lower exposure to risk, and that’s why a consultancy business is a wise choice for an entrepreneur.

For people who are passionate about sustainability, a SuperGreen Solutions consultancy business is the ideal way to make the world a better place. Getting started is easy. Learn how to break into the sustainability industry by visiting