Technology’s Role in Expanding Renewables

Technology goes beyond smartphones and computers; it has provided every industry with the advancements needed to take products to the next level of productivity. Environmental sustainability is no different. Technology has played a major role in expanding renewables. Switching from fossil fuels to green energy with minimal waste has proven possible.

In fact, different countries around the world and cities across the US have developed impressive new technologies to increase the productivity of their green energy transitions. From generating electricity by turning on water taps and toilet flushing in Portland, to flooring in Johannesburg that generates energy from people?s footprints, technology has gotten more creative than ever.

Technology: Generating Renewable Energy

1. Solar Collectors and Photovoltaic Panels

The official terms for the more recognized descriptor ?solar panels,? these devices convert light into electricity. The panels collect solar cells, which is light from the most reliable source, the sun.

2. Wind Turbines

Turbines harness air currents and convert them to power. So effective, it already accounts for 10% of the energy generated in the United States.

3. Rotating Devices or Wave Energy Converters (WECs)

Technology with the ability to harness the immense power that comes from the flow of water, like ocean currents, for example.

Technology: Green Energy in Your Business

Of course, technological advancements go beyond how energy is generated sustainably. There are additional measures to improve how energy is collected, stored, saved, and measured. These advancements are great as they have allowed businesses around the world to adopt more sustainable practices with ease.

Energy Storage

Advanced technology within the sphere of electricity grids has allowed for energy storage. This means that energy can be generated and preserved for seasons when demand for electricity peaks or increases rapidly. This way, energy efficiency, and reliability improve, and businesses use the energy they need and, as a result, save money.

Self-programming Thermostats

A self-programming thermostat, another great advancement, allows for smarter data collection. In essence, these thermostats analyze habits while collecting environmental data to adapt to your schedule and needs. Over time, this saves your business money by preventing misuse (i.e., running when no one is in the office).

The Green Switch

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