SuperGreen Solutions Energy Efficient Technology

SuperGreen Solutions sees the future of energy efficient technology and how it can help your offices. Small technological changes yield big energy savings.

Green Technology Saves Money

Today?s appliances are much more energy-efficient than their ancestors. Understanding the advances in technology helps businesses make great decisions on their infrastructure. There are a couple of ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint ? the first is to have energy-efficient appliances, and the second is to reduce the use of substances harmful to the environment. SuperGreen Solutions often recommends cutting edge technology like these to businesses.

LED Lights

Light bulbs are massive consumers of energy and the older the light bulb, the less green it is. Incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs are also carbon-intensive to produce. They don?t last quite long and that means you are in a constant cycle of replacing. LED lights are different, and they can provide energy savings of up to 85%. The other great thing about these LED lights is that they can last up to 11 years. This means when SuperGreen Solutions investigates your lighting, bet on them lowering costs with LED lighting proposals.

Window Treatments

Sunlight streaming unimpeded through windows is a great way to make an HVAC system work hard to keep the building cool. There are some simple solutions utilizing modern technology that prevents windows from becoming heating elements. The first are window tints. Unlike tints of the past, these tints are modified to let in natural light without the rays that heat up the interior. Tints can be reflective as well. Automated shades are another option. These shades work on timers, so there?s no need to remember to open or close the shades. Additionally, window inserts can provide much of the same benefits as new windows but at a fraction of the cost. They can also dramatically cut down outside noise pollution coming into your space.

Smart Systems

Controlling power usage is key to making a business green. Smart controls such as Smart HVAC systems or automation of lighting keeps power usage low. Smart HVAC systems are programmable and turn on at peak use times. Some use artificial intelligence to figure out the pattern for when an office needs to be cooled. Similarly, controls for lights and computers work the same way. They can be programmed so lights and computers automatically turn on and off.

Going green is a matter of making your office work smarter. Contact SuperGreen Solutions to learn how green tech solutions will make your office energy efficient.