SuperGreen Business of the Week: Sushi Groove

For the past century Sushi fanatics have rushed to experience the art of eating sushi at a restaurant with dark curtains, dim vintage lighting and light elevator music, up until now.  I call it, the sushi revolution with a severe change in demographics. The modern sushi restaurant is well represented at Sushi Groove with fresh cuts, live music, and colorful street art blending into well… a groovy experience.  

Most recently Sushi groove stepped up to the table on the environmental issues their customers care about and let us fully renovate their lighting to LED energy efficient bulbs. As a result, a total of 5 tons of carbon will be saved from our environment every year from now on.

Sushi Groove LED

The renovation was done thanks to chef and Owner David Ayala who has had a noticeable passion for sushi for many years.  With the help of SuperGreen Solutions and their partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, David was able to lower his lighting power bill by 75% instantly.  This allowed him to pay off the project within a 12 month timeframe.  To put it in perspective, the savings amount to $4,000 in five years. That’s a lot of extra sushi to sell with the lighting investment out of the picture.  

Sushi Groove spray paint art graphic

That’s a pretty awesome wall graphic huh? We’d love for you to check it out in person! But if your afternoon consists of “to-go” Chinese food today, then feel free to check out this 3 minute video.  The artist talks about his vision behind the graphic and shows us the process in real time. Enjoy!

Sushi Groove Graffiti
If you are a restaurant owner and would like us to visit you for a complimentary Rocky Mountain Power lighting energy assessment, then reach out to us at (801) 953-1096.