SuperGreen Business of the Week: Prime Steak House and Piano Bar

Park City Prime Steak Entrance

Enjoying an elegant night in town is much easier with Prime Steak and Piano Bar on the map.  When we first talked to Megan, the wonderfully energetic manager, she wasn’t too sure about making the switch.  LED bulbs are known to have a blue tone which doesn’t seem to go well with the restaurant’s atmosphere. They had previously given the bulbs a try in the bar area but those bulbs didn’t work with the existing dimmer, so they were stuck with bright LED’s in the bar.

Prime Steak Bar

SuperGreen Solutions, a local LED lighting provider offered to perform a complimentary demo before any decisions we made.  The demo entailed of installing bulbs and LED compatible dimmers in a few areas around the restaurant.  This way, the management and staff could play with the lighting to make sure it adapted to the restaurant’s atmosphere.  The demo was a success, the staff learned that LED’s come in different temperatures: 2700 Kelvins (yellow-incandescent like color) to 5,000 Kelvins (bright white/blue color).  The staff also learned that the bulbs they previously installed at the bar were non dimmable lights which is why they didn’t work with the existing dimmer.

Prime Steak House Tables Park City

Sometimes it just takes a little education and an LED lighting specialist to understand how to incorporate efficient lighting.

Prime Steak Wine Glass Park City

Deciding to move forward with the project was a no brainer after the demo and after seeing the incredible savings opportunity.  Over 140 lights were replaced resulting in annual savings of over $1,200 aside from 10,468 Kilowatts, and 6.3 tons of CO2.

Rocky Mountain Power’s program “WattSmart Business Program” made it ever easier to take the leap as they offered an incentive of almost $1,000.  The incentive helped lower the ROI (return on investment) down to only 12 months.  

Thank you Prime Steak for taking the LED leap and for aligning with community values as we look forward to a low carbon future.

Prime Steak House Wine Room Park City