SuperGreen Business of the Week: The Park City Market

PC Market
It’s an honor to finally write this blog post for the Park City community! I’m excited to announce that Park City Market has “made the switch” from fluorescent and incandescent lights to LED energy efficient lights. The combined efforts to reduce the grocery store’s lighting energy consumption by an average of 46% making a huge impact in both the store’s financial savings and Park City’s sustainability goals:

Park City Market Project

The effort to help transform the store was led by owner and manager Mike Holm.  Mike took ownership of the former “Dan’s Food” grocery store back in 2007 and has served the Park City community with love and dedication since. You’ll find Mike at the store most days of the week helping his team in every department.  He believes that running a local grocery store is important for the local economy as he personally works with other local entrepreneurs that contribute to the store’s merchandise.  Helping entrepreneurs thrive is just one of the great reasons to support local business, Mike highlights another 14 reasons on the grocery store’s website.  

Additionally, Mike has also taken extra steps to be considered a “green business”.  You can find paper bags at every cash register, all you need to do is ask for it before beginning the checkout process. Efficient refrigeration updates have also been adopted, allowing refrigeration methods to become 74% more efficient.  You can learn more about those efforts in the Summit Community Power Works website.  

We’d like to send a sincere thank you to Park City Market on behalf of SuperGreen Solutions and Park City residents for taking the extra steps to help our community lower its carbon footprint and make way for a net zero future.  

We were able to capture before and after photos of the project:

Park City Market

Park City Market
Park City Market Lighting Retrofit Park City Retrofit Project