SuperGreen Business of the Week: Park City Board of Realtors

This is a special time of the year; The Park City Board of Realtors (PCBR) took a leap into the sustainability world with energy efficiency efforts.  In case you’ve been living in a yurt in the Uinta’s for the past 37 years and don’t know who they are, (which is quite unlikely I must add) here’s a breakdown on this treasured organization.  The Park City Board of Realtors was first established in 1980 and has around 900 members from real estate brokers to agents. Here’s a small statement on their behalf: “Our goal is to provide our members with progressive tools, resources and information that empower our members to be more successful.” They provide member workshops, real estate statistics, networking opportunities and an online database of Park City Properties.

How they Became a SuperGreen Business

Aside from providing value to a multitude of community members, they’ve most recently added value to both their headquarters and Park City’s clean air efforts. PCBR participated in Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Business program, which provided incentive to move forward with their lighting renovation project. PCBR made the switch from fluorescent lighting to LED, reducing their energy consumption by 50% and their carbon footprint by 5.5 tons of CO2 annually.

How the LED Lighting was Customized

The main reason behind this push to switch to LED was comfort. For example, there are a total of 5 executive offices, which previously used the same lighting. With this project they were able to customize colors in each office according to personal preferences. Similarly, the PCBR building features a common classroom that was in severe need of dimmers in certain sections of the room. According to SuperGreen Solution’s project manager, “The lighting was simply too bright to properly see material displayed in the projector. However, when the lights were turned off, the room was too dark for participants to take notes”. Lighting flexibility in this manner could only be offered with LED lighting. 

Benefits in Real Estate and the Park City Community

Park City Board of Realtors is setting a new standard in the real estate industry with this project. The energy savings and environmental impact that LED technologies provide is only an added benefit to long-term ROI (return on investment) numbers for residential and commercial properties. LED lighting can increase property value by a significant amount. This article gives us an in depth perspective on the matter

With this in mind, Park City Board of Realtors partnered with Summit Community Power Works – A local nonprofit, to promote energy efficiency among Summit County schools, residents, and government buildings. Part of their efforts consisted of printing lawn signs showcasing every property that has “Made the switch”.

Park City Board of Realtors LED Lighting

We are extremely grateful to partner with both of these organizations working hard to make a positive change in the Park City community. Similarly SuperGreen Solutions is actively involved in helping more businesses implement custom, eye opening, energy efficient lighting. This way we can move toward a brighter future with minimal impact on our precious environmental resources and a greater impact on financial success for every SuperGreen Business.