SuperGreen Business of the Week: Old Town Cellars

Old Town Cellars Rose

We believe that there’s nothing like sparking a conversation with a stranger and creating a meaningful connection over a glass of wine.  Where is the best place to enjoy such a wonderful life pleasure? Old Town Cellars, a private label winery in the heart of Park City, Utah. It’s tough to describe their mission differently than they do themselves because of the amount of passion poured into their carefully crafted statement:

The Old Town Cellars philosophy is
a simple blend of quality wines,
authentic mountain town ambiance,
and a local culture of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes.

Located in historic Park City, Utah,
we strive to make great wine affordable,
welcoming and fun.

Through a unique and innovative approach,
OTC sources fine wines from top wine growing regions
to blend and bottle on site at Old Town Cellars.

As passionate outdoor enthusiasts,
environmental concerns are at the forefront of the
OTC family’s mind. Through sustainable practices
and community outreach efforts,
we are always striving to bring great wine
and great times to our beautiful mountain town community.

Old Town Cellars represents the future of winemaking
– absent of ego, full of flavor and defined by the community
and culture in which it’s made.”

Their mission statement sounds enlightening but most importantly their actions speak for themselves. The local community is deeply embedded in the roots of Old Town Cellars as the owners, Stephen Mackay and Jason Morgan, work with several local artists, food crafters, nonprofits and socially responsible companies.  Offering local food and products emphasizes the importance of sourcing our necessities from local businesses.  This simple action keeps profits in the local economy and saves gas which would otherwise be used to transport those things from international waters to our grocery stores and shopping malls.

Cotopaxi & Old Town Cellars Park City

Stephen graduated with a degree in environmental studies from Westminster college therefore, he uses his business to contribute to our environment in a positive way.  As outdoor enthusiasts and avid skiers, Stephen and Jason are both deeply concerned with the global progressive environmental degradation and the reduction in snowpack throughout the years.  As a result, they joined a local organization called POW (Protect Our Winters) which works tirelessly to bring pro athletes, individuals, resorts and winter sports companies together to deliver educational initiatives, political advocacy and community-based activism.

Lithic Skis and Old Town Cellars

Aside from working with POW, Old Town Cellars is also working towards reducing carbon footprint in our community directly with their business practices. Most recently, they switched their lighting from energy hungry incandescent bulbs, to energy efficient LED bulbs.  This may seem light a small step, but this step alone reduced 3.5 tons of CO2 every year from now on! Additionally, their new LED’s are meant to last 20 to 40 times longer than the previous bulbs, reducing local landfill waste.

Park City Winery

Since this post is all about supporting local businesses and adopting green practices, here’s a list of the organizations Old Town Cellars works with that you should consider working with too!

We’d like to extend a thank you Old Town Cellars for using business as a medium to provide value for the local economy, the people in our community, and the planet.