SuperGreen Business of the Week: Mountain Trails Gallery

Mountain Trails Gallery Park City LED Bulbs

“Wow we can see!! We were so used to random dark spots throughout the gallery”. These were the words of a happy art consultant at Mountain Trails gallery in the heart of Park City’s Main Street.  My experience as an energy consultant in Park City has taught me that galleries face many challenges when it comes to lighting .

Thankfully, on our last project with Mountain Trails we were able to tackle a great amount of them with LED lighting. If you face any of these challenges just know, you are not alone.  Here are some problems we talked about:

Bulbs Go Out Frequently and No One Knows Why

There are several reasons why this could be happening.  The most obvious reason is that incandescent bulbs last almost 49,000 hours less than LED light bulbs. This is because the heat produced by the bulb lowers its own lifespan.  They are simply build to last less time.

There’s a Limit to How Many Fixtures Can be Used on One Track

Wattage overload is another reason as to why bulbs may randomly go out.  One track can only take so much wattage and unfortunately it only takes a few 50-100 watt incandescent bulbs to reach that limit.  Thankfully, LED bulbs only draw about 7-12 watts per bulb allowing galleries to place more fixtures in one track for better lighting.

Mountain Trails LED Bulb Main Street Park City

Lighting isn’t Dispersed Evenly Throughout the Gallery

Solving the wattage overload issue naturally allows galleries to add more fixtures.  Consequently, lighting will be distributed more evenly around the art pieces.  However, this can be the case with LED lighting even if additional fixtures weren’t added due to its expansive reach.  

The gallery Gets Very Hot During the Summer

Incandescent bulbs emit heat of about 85 BTU’s per hour per light bulb in comparison to 3 BTU’s an hour with LED’s. That’s right, if placed correctly, 85 BTU’s may be hot enough to warm up a pizza, possibly brown the cheese on top.  In this case, galleries prefer a comfortable temperature in the summer so that art aficionados are enticed to spend more time inside.  In the LED industry we want to claim that LED’s save energy not only in lighting but in A/C costs as well.  However, here’s something to keep in mind – If you were used to warm temperatures in the winter without the furnace on, it may be time to dust it off as you transition to LED light.  But we promise it’s worth it.   In this case, we are simply trading energy usage from summer to winter but still saving the gallery 65%-95% on the lighting bill.

As you can see, saving Mountain Trails Gallery on their bill was only one of many incentives. Financially, over 2 grand will be saved in lighting costs annually; environmentally, 15 tons of carbon will be saved annually; and socially, the art consultants are plenty happy to not change bulbs for the next 5 years.

Thank you so much Mountain Trails Gallery for going green!