Mountain Life Church Takes Action on Environmental Stewardship Message

The “right of the environment” and the urgency for action on climate change is no longer in the shadows.  This message has resonated with many devoted christians and most recently with leaders in the Mountain Life Church in Park City.

Mountain Life Church Park City

The Mountain Life Church located in Silver Creek recently completed a lighting renovation project switching from incandescent to LED light bulbs throughout the whole building.  

Speaking to the pastor, he was able to provide us with this statement: “With the help of SuperGreen Solutions and Rocky Mountain Power’s incentives we were able to replace 650 lights with LED’s and we are very happy with the results.  Aside from reaching our return on investment within two years, our goal was to reduce our energy consumption and help trim CO2 levels in our town. We also want to lead by example and encourage others to follow in the faith community.”

Mountain Life Church LED Lights

Aside from embarking on a mission to serving as a christian earth steward, the church noticed a significant change in temperature inside the building. “What a lot of occupants don’t realize is that incandescent and CFL light bulbs produce 10 to 25 times more heat than LED lights.  With this switch, the building will be able to remain cooler this summer encouraging visitors to comfortably spend more time with their fellow christian community. – Franco Pedraza, Green industry professional and Church participant.

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