SuperGreen Business of the Week: Dollys Bookstore

Dolly’s Bookstore is a beautiful boutique shop located behind Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.  They have been an “independent staple of the Historic Park City Main Street community — connecting customers with cats & books — since 1972.”  That’s tight, once you step into the store you will be greeted by a four legged friend, Dolly’s.  Don’t let the name fool you, we learned from the staff that Dolly’s is one of many cats who has been around for the past four decades. Park City local’s favorite cat is surrounded by thousands of books, games, and puzzles shining from the shelfs competing for kids and adults attention alike.   

Dolly's bookstore cat

Now, 44 years later Dolly’s has set a new standard on main street once again
as an early adopter of energy efficient LED lighting. The lighting renovation transformed the store replacing over 115 lightbulbs.  The effort helped dolly’s save over $1,500 annually and also helped reduced the amount of CO2 in our town by 10 tons per year!

Aside from the impact this project made on the environment, it has made an even bigger impact in the store’s appearance, electric bill, and maintenance protocols. Making the switch was easy, it just makes financial sense.  With the help of SuperGreen Solutions and Rocky Mountain power, Dolly’s was able to receive a check for over 50% of the project cost for the “Wattsmart Business incentive” program lowering the ROI (Return on Investment) down to only 12 months.  

Aside from this incredible deal, the lighting distribution across the store is undoubtedly noticeable. The merchandise once hidden in dark shadows now glows evenly with modern poise. In the pictures below you can see the difference at a glance. 

Dolly's bookstore park cityDolly's bookstore Park City

As I was leaving the store after the install, I was stopped by a very friendly staff member.  He asked me what they should do with the stock of light bulbs they had stored away for years. A lot of shops on main street have this problem.  Boutiques, galleries and restaurants alike have to change their bulbs as many as three times a day due to the short lifespan incandescent and CFL bulbs bring to the table.  Most LED’s last 192% longer, about five years to be exact. This is a big deal for businesses who need to keep their lights on for 10-14 hours a day/night.  The reduction in maintenance cost alone makes this switch worth it”, Said Juliana Duran from SuperGreen Solutions.

Dolly's bookstore park city

Thank you so much Dolly’s for working with us and keeping your customers, and the community in mind when approaching this simple but powerful project.  Projects like these have made many store and restaurant managers happy campers.  Business owners enjoy a bigger budget for other projects and less trips to the store.

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