SuperGreen Business of the Week: Davanzas

Park City LED Lights Davanzas

It’s true, a lot has changed in Park City since the 1970’s.  Evidence still stands throughout town from the mining days, to the pre-olympic-ski-pioneering times, to the mountain town we now know and love. Particularly, between the biggest resort in the US and the luxury real estate on main street you may stumble upon Davanzas on Park Avenue.  This family owned pizzeria has been in business since 1979 and has been a hub for locals and tourists alike coming together for a unique apre ski experience.  On the next Davanzas visit you may not only notice the silly pictures on the walls or the vintage beer cans on the shelves but also the new LED energy efficient lights.

Who knew a historic building could actually be efficient too?

The lighting renovation was completed in November by SuperGreen Solutions in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Business Incentive Program, which helped pay for 51% of the cost.  This partnership has helped Park City reduce 260 tons of CO2 annually since it’s inception in 2015.  This number (260 tons CO2) represents 1.4% of the total CO2 generated by businesses in Summit County. However, keep in mind that no matter how small this number may seem, it’s actually pretty good granted that only 26 businesses played a role in reaching this goal. Just the Davanzas renovation alone contributed 4.7 tons of CO2 saved. That amount translates to the same level of emissions one average American car spends annually.

Here’s an infographic that illustrates our progress so far.

Park City Businesses switching to LED for zero emissions goal  

Aside from aligning with climate goals, Davanzas management was extremely excited about the expected financial returns. LED Lighting offered Davanzas a six month return on investment, lower maintenance costs, and a guarantee of 5-10 years on all bulbs.  After a long conversation with management, we concluded that the stability of the restaurant alone made the switch the most logical choice.  

We are extremely excited to do this for many more businesses in Park City to help contribute to climate goals the city set in place.  We are also looking forward to helping more entrepreneurs thrive by reducing unnecessary costs out of their budgets. Finally, we can all agree that financially and environmentally, it just makes sense to switch to efficient lighting –So let’s stick together and fight for a future driven by the green economy and endless Utah powder. 

If you’d like to switch to energy efficient lighting, give us a call at (435) 659-5242 or email