SuperGreen Business of the Week: Blue Iguana Park City & Salt Lake City

Aside from their delicious food, Park City and Salt Lake City locals have yet another reason to visit the Blue Iguana. The food establishment recognizes the growing need to sustain our environment and took action by reducing their carbon footprint with the Wattsmart program.  

LED Lights Salt Lake City Blue Iguana

The Wattsmart program established by Rocky Mountain Power and supplied by SuperGreen Solutions helped the restaurant switch to LED lights. The newly installed bulbs use less watts while producing more light.  What does this mean for the restaurant? By switching to LED lighting, the Blue Iguana will be saving over a grand per year in energy costs therefore reducing the energy demand needed to run their restaurants. Additionally, maintenance costs will be severely reduced as the LED bulbs are meant to outlive traditional light bulbs by 48,800 hours!

LED Lights Park City Blue Iguana

Additional Benefits of LED Lighting

Installing the LED lights generates more benefits than most realize. The restaurant will be able to reduce cooling costs because the LED lights produce much less heat than a traditional incandescent lightbulb. LED lights are made of plastic and contain no toxic chemicals and no shatter danger therefore making the restaurants safer and environmentally friendly.

SuperGreen Solutions works closely with Rocky Mountain Power to educate companies about becoming a Wattsmart Business and making the switch to LED lights. SuperGreen Solutions is located in Salt Lake City, UT and is ready to partner with you to help make Utah more green. If you are interested in a free assessment, give us a call at (801) 953-1096.