Smart Cities and Their Integration into Clean Energy Solutions for Business

Smart Cities and Their Integration into Clean Energy Solutions for Business

Although cities hold 50% of the global population, they actually account for 75% of energy consumption and 80% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Becoming an increasingly more problematic phenomenon, with an estimation of three quarters of the global population moving to cities by 2050, something has to change. The key to revolutionizing urbanization and saving our planet is smart cities – the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources.

What makes a city “smart?”

Today, everything can be monitored and is often interconnected through networks in real-time – from the production and consumption of energy to measuring the quality of the air. This network of buildings, vehicles, power plants and even lighting makes a city “smart.” Using technology for otherwise everyday tasks has made cities more efficient, connecting different industries and forcing them to work together. This way, green energy becomes not only an attainable option but a community-building opportunity. Renewable energy through solar panels or wind power can extend past one home or building all thanks to innovative technology.

Internet of Technology (IoT)

Smart cities open a platform for environmental innovation beyond households. Businesses have a responsibility to the planet, but may be unsure of how to do their part. Thankfully, with the use of the Internet of Technology, businesses have been able to grow intelligently, efficiently and profitably. Larger urban cities call for larger capacities, greater assets, and perhaps more locations. The key is keeping all of these aspects interconnected on one network.

More so, the capacity of renewable energy increased once sensors and data were connected to the one source. As demand increases, renewable energy companies have an opportunity to provide greater supply. The IoT network allows businesses to scale need in real-time while maintaining their operational excellence and even profitability.

Sustainability Award

SuperGreen Solutions can help your business acquire the certification it needs to become a more sustainable entity – participating in the development of smart cities. Once the certification has been earned, SuperGreen Solutions will serve as an advisor, continuing to provide marketing and promotional support to help your business receive the exposure it deserves for taking the step toward a cleaner tomorrow.

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