Simple Ways Your Business Can Build Toward Sustainability this Earth Day

We believe every day should be ‘Earth Day’ as we plant franchises all around the world that help people go green at home and in the workplace. However, let’s take advantage of this special day set aside to ‘Restore Our Earth’ (2021’s slogan) by talking about some simple steps businesses can take to start down the path of sustainability.

Every business owner has a goal of making a profit and building revenues to ensure a successful future for their business and employees. Building morale, culture, and protecting the planet can come right alongside building revenue when a SuperGreen franchise owner helps you examine your opportunities. They will meet with you, discuss your goals, perform a sustainability audit as needed, and generally help provide solutions that fit with your needs. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then find the franchise owner closest to you and get started.

If you’re looking for simple ways you can build toward sustainability, here are a few suggestions:

Choose eco-friendly materials when purchasing for the office. The basic purpose of eco-friendly products is that they are made to not harm the environment simply by being used. A lot of common items come in eco-friendly versions, like appliances, paper products, and cleaning solutions. Make sure to do your research when choosing eco-friendly products to be sure both the product and package achieve their goal of being safe for the environment. Many eco-friendly products can actually help save money because they last longer, enabling you to lower expenses while also doing what’s right for the planet. While you’re at it, instead of purchasing disposable coffee cups for the office, encourage your team to use regular mugs and wash them, reducing your waste output.

Provide options for those already embracing a green lifestyle. Electrical vehicles have become increasingly popular and EV Charging stations can be found in many public places like malls and restaurant parking lots. Why not offer an EV Charging station outside of your office so that someone who chooses to drive an electric vehicle feels supported at your workplace?  Something as simple as offering recycling for your employees can really make a difference.

Begin to replace appliances with green friendly options. As your appliances begin to break down, replacing them with the most green-friendly option is an easy choice. Refrigerators, microwaves, coffeemakers, and toasters are just a few of the many appliances that are available in energy efficient versions.

Offer off-line project hours – Computers, phones, and tablets OFF gives you an opportunity for team-building and connection while working on projects, but also lessens the amount of energy uses.

Perform an overall audit of your environmental footprint. An audit will help you determine how much electricity you’re using and what ways you can decrease your footprint as a business. Considering options like solar panels, automatic lights and faucets, and thermostats can make a huge difference in your overall footprint, but can also save you money.

Remember that sometimes the simplest solutions are best. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” at the office can start small and still make a big difference for the global good.