LED LIGHTING – SuperGreen Solutions vs. THE BOX STORES

LED LIGHTING – SuperGreen Solutions vs. THE BOX STORES
Francis Gough, SuperGreen Solutions

The days of choosing a 60W vs. a 100W Incandescent bulb are long gone. It used to be a simple process you had to repeat almost monthly with all of the bulbs burning out. Today there are so many options in LEDs and the less ecofriendly CFLs that it can be overwhelming. Some people are reinstalling their incandescent lights, as they don’t “like” LEDs. Most often this only because they have the wrong LED for the application. LEDs can last 15+ years so getting the right light for the right application is KEY!

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy LEDs at SuperGreen Solutions VS. The Box Stores:

  • Knowledge – with so many choices you need to deal with specialists in LEDs. Lumens (light output), Kelvins (colour of the light), efficiency (lumens/watt), beam angles, warranty, OMNI directional LEDs, etc. If your provider can’t show you and explain these items or just recommend the exact LED you need, then you should to deal with a specialist like SuperGreen Solutions.
    • Basic LEDs bulbs can reduce energy consumption by 80- 90% and can pay you back in about 1.5 years if used 4 hours per day.
  • Price – competitive pricing for a higher quality LED.
  • Quality – again for a light that could last for 15-20 years, you may as well get the best quality you can find. Colour Rendering (CRI) to ensure you don’t get those old blue looking LEDs. How they achieve the colour is another factor. Watch out for dust catching but cheap silicon applied to you bulbs. Certification like cUL, DLC and Energy Star are other quality standards to consider.
  • Customization – each room, light fixture and application can change the required solution. You can become an expert or just deal with someone who is.
  • Warranty – how many people keep their receipts for 3-5 years? That is what many box stores and manufacturers are banking on. SuperGreen Solutions manages this process and keeps records for you so you don’t have to.

Lastly we are locally owned specialist in this field. We are involved in the community and we integrate to provide a holistic approach to energy efficiency to save our clients money and the environment. Don’t take it from us; ask our clients who have experienced the service, expertise and commitment before! Call SuperGreen Solutions today and we will show you all of the details you need to make a decision on LED lighting.