It’s 2020: What’s Our Progress on Climate Action?

This new year feels fresher than others which just might be because of the buzz around a new decade. With a fresh start, there is also an opportunity to reflect on the failures and successes of the past. As much as personal comparison is something we should absolutely steer away from, countries should take a look at their global rankings to see where they can improve. For the United States, climate change, sustainability, and a positive environmental impact are one of those things. What is our progress on climate action?

United States Climate Action
2019 was an interesting year for the United States in terms of its stance on climate change. President Trump formally withdrew from the Paris Agreement and began initiatives to revive the coal industry. Coal being the second-largest emitter, for many, this felt like a major setback. However, Americans have already been updating their daily habits, which means renewable energy and recycling has become the norm – positively impacting the environment.

In comparison to other countries, the United States still has much to improve. The Paris Agreement has a long-term goal of only increasing the global temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius. The United States’ current projections show a more than 4-degree Celsius increase. That said, the United Kingdom’s projections are just under 3 degrees Celsius. Both of these major global leaders have much to learn from Costa Rica and the Philippines, which are both just under 2 degrees. That said, many other countries, like Norway, Switzerland, and Japan have a similar trajectory as the US and the UK. All-in-all, everyone has work to do to improve their impact.

What can YOU do?
As a small business owner, all of this may feel completely out of your control. How can you truly make a difference when large corporations and influential governments are making the greatest negative impact? The answer is small, daily decisions. If more and more businesses and consumers start demanding more from their governments, real change can happen. By becoming ISO 14001 certified and implementing greener initiatives in your offices, you can begin changing mindsets. From the office to their homes, people’s decisions to be more sustainable is what will ultimately save the planet.

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