Introducing Molekule Air Filters

There are so many benefits to breathing clean air – reduction in employee sick days or keeping the air clean for people with breathing issues. Molekule’s air filters use cutting edge technology to make the air we breathe cleaner than ever. SuperGreen Solutions consultants are excited to offer these products for the following reasons.

Destroy Pollutants

The goal is not to trap pollutants in the air but destroy them. With Molekule, the PECO system destroys pollutants 1000x smaller than the HEPA standard. Thanks to this system, mold, bacteria, and viruses (including COVID-19) are destroyed quickly.

Large Spaces

The Molekule systems also work for large rooms. These systems support rooms that are up to 600 square feet. Think of a large living room or a large master bedroom. For smaller rooms, these systems are ideal for keeping the rooms free of pollutants.

Medical Facilities

The Air Pro RX from Molekule exceeds the FDA guidelines for high traffic areas and is the perfect system for a doctor’s office. This system is perfect for offices worried about COVID-19. This system is essentially designed to get the most microscopic and harmful pollutants out of the air so a medical office goes from being somewhat dangerous to being extremely safe.

Molekule air purification systems are the wave of the future. Learn how these systems will make every room that much safer by contacting a SuperGreen Solutions consultant today.