How to Use Technology for SuperGreen Solutions Consultations

There are many reasons why face to face consultations are great, however thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic it is imperative to use technology for these consultations instead. There are several different types of ways to have virtual consultations. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks to using different video conferencing systems as a SuperGreen Solutions consultant.


This is the ubiquitous platform for video conferencing, and there’s much to enjoy about Zoom. Zoom is great for large meetings and because it streams through Facebook, it’s easy to have an audience watching the meeting without actually being in the meeting. There is a 40-minute limit for businesses without a Zoom subscription, but the reasonable price allows for meetings of unlimited length.

The drawbacks of Zoom include a lot of different subscription models that get quite expensive. Also, Zoom has a ton of add ons. If the goal is to just host meetings, then this can seem overwhelming. Other issues are Zoominvaders – the platform can be easy to hack resulting in some real inappropriate behavior.


This is one of the older video conferencing systems, and everyone has used Skype at some point. Skype is great for integrating Windows products into the meeting, so if there’s a PowerPoint or an Excel spreadsheet to look at, Skype best supports these systems. The free version is ideal for small teams, and it’s remarkably easy to use with participants around the world.

Parts of Skype that aren’t ideal include freezing. Skype is notorious for having freezes at the worst possible moments. This disrupts momentum. Also, Skype requires a lot of bandwidth, and that causes plenty of issues with connectivity as well.

Google Meet

For people who use Google, using Google Meet is ridiculously easy. Google Meet allows the coordinator of the meeting to control who is allowed in and who is denied entry. For people using the Google Suite, works seamlessly with scheduling appointments and supports HD quality video.

The downside of Google Meet is it can be difficult to share documents and other things through the system. This can create some problems with collaborating with team members.

Video conferencing is the way to go with SuperGreen Solutions consulting meetings. Use these apps to have great meetings with potential clients.