How the Bathroom Holds the Key to Savings

SuperGreen Solutions has a mission of saving money for businesses through green technology. Bathrooms are places where inefficiency costs a lot of money.

The bathroom is a place that offers much in the way of savings. There are several areas in which these places can do a lot of good with some simple solutions. Water is part of a utility bill, and if you can use less water, then you will save money. Here are some simple ways to save water.

High-Efficiency Toilets

The best part about the high-efficiency toilets are they conserve water based on the waste. Liquid waste requires less water pressure to send it to the sewer, while solid waste requires more water. Regular toilets have a standard amount of gallons used per flush. The differentiation with high-efficiency toilets will lead to small savings per flush that will add up over time.

Smart Sinks

There are so many instances where the faucet in a sink is left on and worse yet, the faucet is opened all the way up. Water is flooding out of the faucet with no purpose. Smart sinks use motion sensors to start the water and maintain a steady flow that isn?t anything like a waterfall. This will get hands clean while not using excessive amounts of water.