Health Benefits of Green Solutions

When businesses are looking to create an office that is healthier for employees, invariably they end up looking at the air and water filtration systems along with using ultraviolet-c (UVC) lighting. Every business seeks improvements in productivity, and employees who are unable to work or are not working at full capacity due to health issues will dent productivity. There are solutions to keeping the office a bit healthier, and a healthier office means healthy employees. It is imperative to understand the benefits of these systems for customers. Contractors looking for the right systems for their businesses are wise to talk to SuperGreen Solutions consultants, as these consultants can help contractors create ideal solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Importance of Protecting Employee Health

The health of employees is directly tied to the productivity of a company. Productivity experts point to employee days missed as areas where productivity suffers. The rationale is simple – if an employee is not at work, or is at work but not feeling well, then the employee’s output is not going to be at normal levels. It is up to other employees to pick up the slack, but that’s easier said than done. The feeling of perpetually being behind is something stressful to all members of a team. If there are systems allowing employees to be healthier, that means less missed days and ultimately, greater productivity. This is why contractors are turning to SuperGreen Solutions consultants – not only do businesses want to keep their workforce healthy, but they want to do it by being environmentally sound at the same time.

Water Purification

There are a few different ways to purify the water in an office. Regardless of how the water is purified, before getting into each type of solution, just think about all the different ways water is interacted with at the office. Besides in a wash room or a water fountain, there are plenty of ways water affects the office. The first place to look at with the usage of water is the office coffee pot. Water is funneled through the system and regardless of the water being heated, it is not purified. Everyone is drinking from that coffee pot. Furthermore, communal mugs, utensils, and other stuff in the staff lounge used for eating and drinking is washed with this water. Employees also love to fill up their water bottles. Even with the water cooler, there are problems with the contamination of the water.

The bottom line – water needs to be purified.

There are a few different ways to purify water. Many of the solutions are dependent on sources. Some sources could be rivers and lakes while others are aquifers. Regardless of the water source, SuperGreen Solutions consultants have the systems ready to help.

The most important thing about these filtration systems is chemicals are not used. Ultimately, if chemical solutions are used to purify water, that’s trading one set of problems for another. One system removing particulates from water is the UET system. There are also reverse osmosis systems and cooling tower systems. The usage of water matters too. For contractors, it may mean just getting particulates out of water, but for an office, it could mean completely purifying the water. With several different options all being green, water filtration is essential. For example, SuperGreen Solutions offers UV treated systems for residences and commercial buildings. Products like AquaBoy ensure only the cleanest water is consumed.

Air Filtration Systems

HVAC systems are among the most important systems within an office, and modern HVAC systems are concerned with air quality just as much as they’re concerned with efficient delivery of cool and warm air. The reason behind the importance of air quality matters is because every person in the office has different resistance to allergens and particulates being inhaled. What’s worse, airborne illnesses are supercharged in an office because the air is recycled. This is the source of the fear most people have of airborne illnesses, including COVID-19. Fear of airborne viruses is a massive reason why folks don’t wish to work in offices. That’s why it is so important to have a system in place that purifies the air so when it’s delivered to the people in the office, it’s clean.

Air purification can take on several different methods, but all of them offer different filtration components. HEPA filters are the industry standard, however there are many different types of filtration systems that use HEPA filters. The key is to find a filtration system working efficiently with the HVAC system. A system that can’t filter all the air will leave particulates in the air, however a filtration system designed for a higher capacity system ultimately costs more to run. Finding the sweet spot is something SuperGreen Solutions will do, and when employees aren’t inhaling bad air, the savings will more than validate the choice.

The Cleaning Light

While HEPA filtration systems do a great job keeping particulates out of the air, there are several ways to boost the efficacy of the HEPA filters. One of those options are external UVC lighting systems. Systems such as Xtralight are LED systems that can be handheld or mobile devices. This level of versatility keeps surfaces and other areas where microbes would congregate disinfected.

UVC light is proven to disinfect surfaces where microbes can grow. The difference between cleaning/sanitizing and disinfecting is this: disinfecting kills the microbes while cleaning/sanitizing just removes a certain amount from a surface. Having a system disinfecting the coils and the air ducts means employees are inhaling air free from spores and other allergens. These systems are easy to add to an existing HVAC system or if a new system is getting installed, often there are options that include UVC light.

Getting purified air and purified water is going to make the office healthier and more productive. Find out how to get systems keeping employees healthy and productive by contacting a SuperGreen Solutions consultant today.