SuperGreen Business of the Week: Farasha Boutique

Farasha Boutique Park City

Vanessa Di Palma Wright isn’t your typical retail store owner, she is a driven entrepreneur that strives to extend her vision beyond the decorated walls of her boutique. Farasha– the boutique is technically named “butterfly” in Arabic and directly translates back to her name “Vanessa” in Greek.  As a local, Vanessa is an early adopter in holding fashion shows and hand picking styles selected throughout her international travels. SuperGreen Solutions recognizes Farasha as one of the first to adopt LED energy efficient lighting in the fashion sector in Park City.

Farasha Park City

Outrageous jewelry stones, colorful textiles, and silky smooth scarfs shine brighter than ever with the modern style lighting recently installed in the boutique.  The main drive behind such project spurred from the need to preserve the high quality cloth on the racks, to improve visibility and look throughout the store, and to reduce energy consumption.

Farasha was able to participate in the Wattsmart Incentive Program, which helped pay for 49% of the cost.  As a result, she reduced her power bill by 85% as soon as the new bulbs were installed.  On the environmental side, making the switch will save 2.5 tons of CO2 from our atmosphere.  This is equivalent to flying from New York to London roundtrip twice every year!

Farasha LED lighting

Thank you Farasha for helping contribute to our cause! We look forward to seeing more from you this winter.