Climate Solutions: How Small Steps Can Provide Solution on a Global Scale

The U.S. Department of Energy has recently published a report indicating the projected increase in job opportunities as the nation continues to drive policy toward clean energy. In fact, the 2017 report shows a 32 percent increase in wind employment alone.

With the entire nation, in addition to individual businesses, doing its part in a move toward renewable energy and energy efficiency, we all may finally see positive change in the current climate crisis.

The Inevitable Future in Clean Energy

The clean energy future is unstoppable. This is particularly due to the fact that many countries, like France, India, China and the UK are considering bans on gas and diesel cars. In addition, oil titans like Exxon, BP and Shell have recently begun investing in renewable energy companies. The people have spoken, and the private sector is following suit. In January, Shell announced its investment in a Nashville-based solar company, while BP announced its plans to invest $200 million in a major European solar developer.

In the US private sector, companies have been making real commitments toward sustainable energy sources. For instance, a recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report showed that Microsoft and Intel lead the Green Power Partnership National 100 list. According to the report, both companies source 100% of their electricity from wind and solar, in addition to geothermal, low-impact hydro, and biomass. These companies are followed by Google, Kohl’s, Bank of America and Apple who all also use variations of solar, wind and biomass sources.

Green Compass Sustainability Certification

On top of assessing your current green standard, SuperGreen works closely with you to help your business become green certified. As temperatures continue to rise, glaciers continue to melt, and the uncertainty for the future continues to increase, global citizens are becoming concerned with more than just their own approach to sustainability. More and more customers are looking to not only change their lifestyles, but also support businesses that have made a commitment to sustainability.

By taking the necessary small steps to be awarded the certification, you are committing to a better future. Not only by helping the local and national economy, but also the lifespan of the planet. With a number of undeniable benefits, working toward the sustainability award is a worthy pursuit. Sustainability is the only future we can afford to invest in.

Program results will include:

  • Increased Revenues via competitive differentiation
  • Cost Reductions via energy efficient products
  • Operational Improvements via upgrades in the work environment
  • Market Recognition via becoming a sustainability leader

If you are interested in discussing ways that you can help move your business into the “green,” contact the advisers at SuperGreen Solutions. We will help you by conducting a benchmark assessment and designing an enhancements plan that works for your business.