Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Trading

Green Energy

Whether or not one should invest in gold or bitcoin has been a hot debate recently, as the uncertainty of paper currency increases. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, is completely digital and can only be traded electronically. The Bitcoin trading network uses a blockchain method, which intends to prevent hyperinflation by preventing the duplication of the existing currency. In fact, the network calls for the recording of every single traded bitcoin, ensuring that all transactions have been accounted for.

Trading in Green Energy

Similarly, green energy has adopted this blockchain method of trading, in order to combat the top-down problem with sustainable energy. This trading phenomenon involves connecting clean energy producers directly with households and investors, removing the middleman. Green energy production would become more accessible, further promoting the development of smart cities.

A blockchain-powered trading method in the energy industry would involve “tokens,” a digital currency similar to the bitcoin. Producers would be able to raise capital by issuing these energy tokens, which can be purchased by investors or business owners and homeowners. These tokens can represent future energy production, which then provides funding for further production and profitability. This energy can be used internally or traded on a green energy platform, much like the bitcoin trading network.

Trading in Real-Time

Any energy purchased as a token can either be used for personal use or can be sold to another party. This way, the network expands beyond those who have direct access to clean energy producers – like the energy produced by solar panels and wind power.

Because this currency is backed by something tangible like green energy, it retains its value and liquidity. The structure of this blockchain-powered green energy ensures that as value increases thus does the trading network.

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