Advantages of Solar Energy

When a business transitions to solar energy from fossil fuels, they are making a positive commitment to the environment. This is achieved because switching to solar reduces a business’s carbon footprint. By switching to solar energy, your company is doing its part in fighting climate change and our nation’s dependence on unsustainable foreign energy sources.

In fact, solar power is considered one of the cleanest and most powerful forms of energy. Sustainability advisors, like SuperGreen Solutions, can help you source the right kind of solar power for your business, like off-grid solar kits, solar panels and solar systems for marine applications and telecommunications.

Myth: Solar Energy is Too Expensive

This is a common myth. Many small businesses do not take the first step because of the false belief that solar energy is too expensive. From the materials needed to source the energy to the appropriate conversion method for your building, it may seem like a daunting and impossible feat. However, solar energy systems have proven to be one of the smartest financial investments you can make.

According to recent research, solar energy systems, though a seemingly large cost upfront, often pay for themselves in as short as five years. Solar energy does not only reduce pollution and emissions, but it also reduces electricity bills, saving you even more money monthly. Not to mention the fact that solar panels increase the value of your business. For every $1 decrease in yearly utility bills, a business’ value increases an average of $19 to $20.

Myth: Solar Energy is Only Useful During Sunlight

Solar panels convert photons into electrons of what is called “direct current” electricity. Those electrons then flow into an inverter, which allows the energy to be used for your office. Because the sun supplies the energy, it might be easy to assume that means electricity needs to be sourced elsewhere at night. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, any unused energy from sunlight is stored and can be utilized once the sun sets. Solar storage is a popular method for storing excess energy to be used at any time during the day.

Fact: SuperGreen Solutions Can Help

Once you have made the decision to install solar panels for your business, SuperGreen Solutions has licensed and insured energy contractors and technicians who can help. Contact your local SuperGreen Solutions Advisor today for a consultation!