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Residential Solar In Central Kentucky Midday

Myth-busting Solar Panels

Did you know that someone installs a solar system every four minutes in the United States? Solar energy has clearly been shown to be a cost-effective energy source for households. People realize the benefits of solar power: it saves money and protects the environment. Meanwhile, some homeowners may still be afraid to turn to residential solar in Central Kentucky because of what they’ve heard or read on the internet.  

Going solar is significantly less complicated and expensive than most people believe. Here we have the most common solar panel misconceptions, debunked below.

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Why Should You Learn About the Myths Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof?

More and more people in the United States are beginning to invest in solar power systems. They’re installing solar panels on their rooftops, and why not?   

Solar power technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, with many of these improvements helping to reduce the cost of the equipment needed. Installing solar panels on your roof is another excellent method to create power for your house, company, and the grid while reducing your environmental impact.  

While knowing the many aspects involved in a solar panel project is critical, it’s also a good idea to look into common solar panel myths to avoid solar panel misconceptions.    

Common Misconceptions About Solar Power

I Can Install My Own Solar Panels

It’s better to leave solar panel installation to the specialists. Period. If you aren’t adequately trained in the installation procedure, numerous things can go wrong. Here are several examples:   

Safety and Code Compliance: Many solar panel warranties stipulate that a licensed expert install the panels. These warranties are null and invalid if you install the device yourself. You will not be compensated if any damage occurs during installation or if there is an issue with how the panels were constructed.   

Furthermore, they might be tough to follow if you are unfamiliar with construction permits and other relevant laws and regulations. Because the project may be denied, every documentation must be done accurately.  

Problems with Wiring: This is a profession that demands you to work with electricity. If wire it the wrong way, electrical shocks might occur, causing injury to you and those around you. Any electrical work should always be done with the help of an electrician.   

Leaking Roof: Installing solar panels necessitates the creation of holes in the roof. You will damage your roof and cause leaks if these holes are not correctly constructed and sealed.  

Solar Panels Will Not Function if They Are Dirty

They may not be attractive, but a study shows that filthy solar panels seldom make a difference of more than 1% in the amount of energy generated.   

Although it has been said that rain cleans solar panels naturally, if they are installed on a flat roof, dirt will still accumulate and become a nuisance. If your house has a flat roof, it’s a good idea to have panels installed on a modest incline to keep dirt and debris out.   

If they require cleaning, spray them with a hose early in the morning or late at night while the panels are cool. Splashing cold water to heated panels, on the other hand, may induce cracking. Call a domestic solar specialist for safe maintenance and cleanup.  

Solar Panels Are Out of My Price Range

The cost of solar panels is overestimated by 97 of the American population. The truth is that solar panel prices have plummeted since 2008. In reality, the majority of homes that choose solar are middle-income families seeking ways to save expenditures.   

Solar lease alternatives now allow households to adopt solar with no upfront fees and monthly energy bill reductions. Solar panels are now more inexpensive than ever before, saving families even more money in the long term.  

Solar Panels Are Unreliable

Solar panels are incredibly dependable since they have no moving parts to wear out. Most panels last for more than 20 years, and most installers provide warranties of up to 25 years.   

Many of the early solar systems established in the 1970s are still providing electricity today. The United States military is one of the most avid solar users, relying on the technology for reliable energy to power its locations at home and overseas.    

Solar Panel Installation Is Difficult and Time-consuming

As long as you use a reputable supplier, installing solar panels is pretty simple. Solar panels are easier to maintain if your system is connected to your utility grid, typical among power systems.   

The solar panels would only require thorough cleaning with water to remove any accumulated dust, dirt, or snow.  

Solar panels are designed to survive extreme weather conditions such as hail, sleet, and snow. A battery-based system will require more cleaning than one without. However, systems without batteries are more common and less expensive than ones with batteries.  

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I Won’t Be Able to Recoup My Investment

There are no upfront fees in many areas if you opt to lease rather than buy your panels, and monthly savings begin right away. You can transfer the lease (and the cost savings) to the house buyer if you sell your home before your lease expires. Installing a solar system adds to the market value of your property, so it may only take a few years to repay your investment for those who want to buy.  

During a Blackout, Solar Panels Will Provide Power

Power-connected solar systems are needed to shut down during a grid loss or blackout due to stringent safety standards. When trees fall across electrical lines after strong storms, blackouts are common. All solar inverters must be immediately disabled within two seconds of a blackout or a significant grid voltage fluctuation being detected to safeguard emergency responders and service people repairing damaged lines.  

Solar Panel Installation Can Cause Damage to Your Roof

Solar panels may be planted on the ground, but they are most commonly installed on roofs, so, understandably, people are worried about the installation causing harm.      

Solar panels will not damage your roof if installed correctly by an expert. Drilling holes to mount solar panels is a standard part of the solar panel installation procedure on many roofs, but your installer will also install flashings to keep your roof safe and leak-free.  

Furthermore, because solar panels absorb the damaging UV rays that destroy roofing materials, they enhance the life of the roof under the panels. Call SuperGreen Solutions if you observe any damage to your roof following the installation of solar panels.  

Solar Panels Reduce Curb Appeal

We admit that ugly is subjective, so we have no right to label this a straight myth, but we will point out the part regarding curb appeal: solar electricity is becoming so prevalent that most people don’t seem to mind. The last thing you should be concerned about is your appearance.   

For starters, you now have a lot more control over the appearance of your panels. You may select the color of the frame, and if aesthetics is important to you, we can work with you to install them in a visually pleasing manner. Solar energy products are becoming increasingly aesthetically pleasing, and they are no longer as large or blocky as they formerly were.  

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Go Green with Residential Solar in Central Kentucky

It’s easy to comprehend why selecting solar energy over traditional forms of energy is one of the finest decisions you can make in this day and age now that you know the difference between reality and myth.

Making the move offers long-term environmental benefits and the potential to save you money in the long run. If you’re ready to take the leap, contact SuperGreen Solutions to discuss your choices. 

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