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About SuperGreen Solutions of West Phoenix, AZ

Think about the one expense you constantly manage:

Operating Costs

And depending on your business, energy usage may represent as much as 30% - 35%  of your operating expenses. Now think about how much that energy is costing you:  basic service charges, delivery charges, peak charges, off peak charges, demand charges, city and county taxes . . . . it's enough to drive you crazy. 

And that is not a good thing.

It's bad enough seeing these utility rates go up almost every year. Even worse is the feeling that there isn't much you can do about it.

The hard facts are that lighting, cooling, heat and power are the basic needs of any building. And you'll do whatever it takes to make sure those needs are being met, even if it means watching those utility bills go higher and higher.

Now there is a way for you to have more direct control over the energy your business uses while saving a ton of money at the same time. And the best news is you can do all of this without spending an extra dime out of your current budget. 

WHO WE ARE:  SuperGreen Solutions of West Phoenix leads the market as premier advisors, suppliers and installers of commercial and residential energy efficient solutions. We help your company identify energy savings that can potentially result in tens of thousands of dollars per year going straight to your bottom line.  We have developed a comprehensive plan for you to achieve these savings, which can then be used to create a robust sustainability program. When you  go on to complete all of the necessary requirements, you will earn the Green Compass Sustainability Award, which recognizes your company as one of the leaders in the community when it comes to  energy efficiency as well as social responsibility. We will then help your business successfully market this certification to help drive additional revenue. 

There are several reasons businesses in West Phoenix, AZ should consider contacting SuperGreen Solutions to discuss sustainability certification. Recent studies have shown that those having a strong sustainability programs are more profitable than those that don't. These businesses typically also have higher employee morale, loyalty and productivity as well as less employee turnover.  Here are what the studies have shown:   
  • 20% higher sales 
  • 55% higher employee morale
  • 16% higher employee productivity
  • 38% higher employee loyalty
  • 50% less employee turnover
  • Market Recognition (via becoming a sustainability leader)
  • Cost reductions (via the energy efficient products)
After achieving a sustainability certification for your business, SuperGreen Solutions of West Phoenix can help you separate yourself from the competition by helping you successfully market it throughout the community.  We are your local partner for increasing revenues and lowering costs through green initiatives.  When you promote your certified sustainable business, you are opening doors to new revenue streams.  Additionally,  by successfully maintaining the program, you will continue to save on energy costs and improve your business’ productivity.  So take that first step on the path to sustainability and call SuperGreen Solutions West Phoenix today for an initial consultation. We are looking forward to working with you. 

WHAT WE DO:  SuperGreen Solutions provides energy management and sustainability consulting services for commercial businesses. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that result in significant cost reductions and increased profitability. The first step in that process is assessing your current energy needs. From there, we will be able to make recommendations that are guaranteed to provide 20% in energy savings with an immediate payback period. Contact us to find out more.

OUR MISSION: We are absolutely committed to advising your business on the value of energy efficiency and sustainability. Embracing these concepts will position you well and separate you from your competition. We are here to make sure that happens.

The Green Compass Sustainability Award program will help your business differentiate itself from the competition and will allow your business to promote itself as a green business. This will provide access to new revenue streams, reduce your costs and gain loyalty with your customer base. As part of the program, we will:

Conduct a Benchmark Assessment

This is more than an energy audit. We will complete a detailed assessment of your entire business operation, not just your building; and analyze your current energy expenses and operational practices associated with sustainability.

Design the Enhancements Plan

The plan will detail the sustainable business items we will address within your business, leading to reductions in costs and have a positive financial impact.

Manage the Certification Process

We lead and guide the sustainability committee; made up from members of your staff. We work with the committee and together implement the operational changes needed for the certification award. For work you approve: we will assist with finding the financing, if needed; procure all of the necessary products for the projects and project manage the project from start to finish.

Promotion of Certification Award

Once your business has earned the sustainability award, we will lead the charge to promote your business as recognized sustainable. We will provide the marketing plan you will follow to gain the most exposure and benefit from your newly earned sustainable business status.

SuperGreen Solutions West Phoenix, AZ will assist you in procuring the products needed for your enhancements plan. Our partnerships with these suppliers of green and eco-friendly products will save you energy and money. Our philosophy of "reduce before we produce" enables us to help your business reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions, while increasing efficiency and savings. Products include:

  • Energy management systems - You can't manage what you can't measure.  Energy management systems are the foundation of a robust sustainability program. 
  • LED Lighting - Businesses are now recognizing that going through a complete LED conversion is the most cost effective ways to drastically reduce energy bills.
  • Existing window improvements - We market custom made window inserts that are an excellent alternative to replacement windows. 
  • Insulation - An area that is often overlooked, making sure your building is properly insulated can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs. 
  • Refrigeration enhancements - We offer refrigeration & HVAC sensors guaranteed to reduce the energy load in walk-in coolers & freezers and HVAC units by 15% - 30%.
  • Water purification - Our water filtration systems can handle even the hardest kind  and turn it into the best tasting water you've ever had. 
  • Air filtration and purification systems - Poor air quality in the workplace can result in higher employee sick days. Our air filtration and purification systems can change that. 
  • Distributed power solutions - Depending on your power plant,  our Combined, Cooling, Heating & Power solutions can help you reduce your energy load by over 50%. 

  • EV charge stations - Great amenities for the hospitality sector.   EV charging stations could give you an edge you need to separate yourself from the competition.
  • Solar power products - Improving technology is making solar power more attractive to businesses. We work with internationally recognized solar providers.
  • Air to water - Yes, it is possible to pull water out of thin air.  And we can show you how. 
  • Water heating - Our tankless water heaters will give you hot water on demand.
  • Ventilation systems - Solar attic fans are the latest improvement in ventilation systems. Now you can use the sun's energy to pull the hot air out of your building.
  • Skylights - Another great way to make use of natural light. Skylights are a nice alternative to standard lighting. 
  • And more



Karl Darden Photo

Karl Darden, Energy Management Consultant / Owner

Karl is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and twenty year Navy Veteran. He has also had a successful sales and sales management career with Johnson & Johnson. One of his passions has always been renewable energy and energy conservation. This is what led him to open the first SuperGreen Solutions franchise in Arizona in 2016. Karl's engineering training at the Naval Academy and his certifications as a Renewable Energy Expert and Sustainability Advisor provide the solid foundation necessary for helping organizations identify how they can save at least 20% in energy costs.

Customer Testimonials

"I wanted to save money and energy and to make it more comfortable for my customers. I was looking into different companies, but when Tom (from the Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Regional offices) came in, we talked and he explained to me very well all the solutions and all the products SuperGreen Solutions had to offer. He also analyzed all my bills and thats when I made up my mind. I was great to work with Tom and I am looking forward to working with this company again in the near future."

Harinder S., Dunkin Donuts